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Posted by Cayla Capri
Perfume Scent Of A Bride
Perfume scent of a bride cover full
A perfume’s intention is to strike the perfect chord. Composed of three notes, each is designed to reveal itself gradually - as one dissipates, another unfolds, creating a lingering and subtle sonata. So take your sweet time when choosing your signature scent. Let a sample fragrance divulge its true essence before you fork over any dough. The end result should make for a glam greeting and a memorable adieu.
gourmet says it all
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Pleasing aromas have been proven to stimulate the brain and fire up desire. Surveys have found that gourmand scents, like nibble-y vanilla, are very popular with the gentlemen persuasion – triggering feel-good memories and other pleasurable responses that come from devouring something yummy. So go on and dabble those wrists for a calorie-free indulgence!
a bouquet of choices
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Perfume is a beauty buy budding with options. You can choose between traditional or modern fragrances - exercising your right to class it up or chic on down. Florals are timeless - you can spritz yourself with essences of lily, violet or rose, but for more exotic alternatives, stick with gardenia, jasmine, or freesia. Tried, tested, and true perfumes include tones of amber - wafting of valleys and woodsy groves, while chypre dances to the beat of lavender, sage, and patchouli.
Oceanic or aquatic fragrances are the new kids on the block - synthetically tweaked to a light and airy perfection. For a night on the town, there are oriental scents to choose from – these are spicy and musky, with hints of cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. Fruity scents are warm and dewy, suggestive of apricot, passionfruit, peach, and mango. Citrus fragrances are on the lighter side - think lemon, lime, and tangerine.
mix and match
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It’s a good idea to spring for a few choice bottles in order to achieve olfactory versatility. This way you can pair a particular scent with your disposition of-the-day. When Saturday night rolls around, you may want to ditch that rosy good-girl glow for something a little more saucy. Research your favorite celebrity’s top pick, for example if you want to express the pin-up side to your personality, channel Marilyn Monroe with Chanel Number Five.
Fortunately, manufacturers have cornered the sentiment market – there’s a fragrance to match virtually every state of mind – flirty, youthful, sexy, seductive, sporty, sensual – the list goes on. As you meander through the department store, request samples, but try to refrain from deciding on the spot. You can always sniff out discounts online. Remember that the best essence will compliment your confident fabulousness, not overpower it.