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Posted by Cayla Capri
Peru The Motorbridal Diaries
Peru the motorbridal diaries cover full
A stunning scenescape of aerial proportions – Peru is a mind-altering experience welling with unrivaled opportunities for cultural immersion and soul-searching reflection. Picture-perfect for both the avid outdoorsman and high-heeled relic hunter alike, a Peruvian honeymoon involves everything from harnessing a cloud forest to kissing a scarlet macaw – consider this country a gushing valentine made out to Miss Mother Nature herself.
the romance
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A dash of Peruvian magic pervades every nook and mountainous cranny – think a secluded stone adobe lodge in the heart of a fertile valley crescent or a luxurious suite replete with fireplace and plunge pool. Old colonial quarters, pre-Colombian artifacts, haciendas, and hand-crafted balsas off of Lake Titicaca, are just some of the many fantastical sites to feast your eyes upon. Chow down on scallop ceviche with ‘tiger’s milk’ in the elegant Plaza de Armas or marvel the shadow of the regal Cathedral of Lima. Top off any dream-seeped evening with a mist-scented evening stroll beneath the lighted fountains of the Parque de la Reserva.
the scenery
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Deserts and glaciers, beaches and jungles – name any wondrous ecology on this great planet and Peru’s got it covered in spades. The nation remains rich in such glorious eye candy as gold and mineral deposits, despite conquistadore acquisition, not to mention all kinds of royal Inca remains such as Machu Picchu. Visit the Bahuaje-Sonene National Park or Tambopata National Reserve for a gander at some of South America’s most unique habitats such as the Andean highlands or Amazon basin.
the attractions
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Arguably one of the most breath-taking cities in the region, Arequipa, or ‘the white city,’ is worthy of a drop-in for its edifices made of volcanic sillar. Scout out mummies near the Santa Catalina convent or check out the deliriously sweet views of the magnificent El Misti volcano. Known for its unbridled lust of old stuff, Cuzco is home to the ancient capital of Incan civilization. For a tamer but no less satisfying afternoon, try the Museo de la Nacion or the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology.
the adventure
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Once you’ve checked off the infamous Inca trail, join a day trek into Iquitos for some rafting or hot air ballooning. Experience a day in the life of a Yagua tribe member through an ethnobotanic tour, or try your luck at a ‘pucuna’ or blowgun back at the lodge. Whether you engage with a shaman over the local flora or peruse the Santa María del Ojeal farmlands for an artisanal sugar cane squeeze, these majestic back-roads are sure to keep you on your toes and your mind enlightened.
the secrets
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In the Sacred Valley of the Inca, mountains loom over deep theatrical gorges, while free-spirited wildlife hunt and roam to their heart’s content. The Sacsayhuaman Stone ruins are accessible by both horse back or car, while the nearby 300 year old Franciscan monastery gives you the chance to renew your vows within the shrouded walls of its chapel. For something simply mystical, journey into the center of the Nasca Valley, where its ancient coastal inhabitants traced gigantic astronomical markings along its sands, still visible today.
before you go
What to Expect
Wet Season: December through March are the wet months in the mountains and the Andean plateau – although it hardly ever rains for more than a few hours a day. Temperatures will often be in the 20s°C-30°C/70-90°F, depending on where you are. These months are also the most hot and humid. Many of the major fiestas occur during this season.
Dry Season: April though November are the drier, cooler months, with temperatures hovering in the low 20s°C/70s°F, depending on where you are. The coast is usually engulfed in a light fog during these warm months. Peak tourist season is from June to August.
Wear light, casual, comfortable clothing. Bring layers, as it can get cool at night and at higher altitudes.
Nuevo sol (PEN)
The Lingo
Spanish, English
A valid passport and a visa (issued upon arrival)
Local Delicacies
Pescado a la chorrillana: fried fish in a tomato, onion, and white wine salsa.
Picarones con chancaca: a donut made from fried yams served with a sugarcane syrup