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Posted by Cayla Capri
Picking The Right Hair & Makeup Artist
Picking the right hair and makeup artist cover full
Your bridal look need not be hard-won. Firstly, toilsome tresses are a thing of a fuddy-duddy past and makeup has been reacquainted with light textures and natural shades. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t let color and be-jewelry pop with wide-eyed glee, as getting dolled up should be good girlish fun. But it’s when you take the pleasure from that glitter and lip-smacker era and combine it with chic adult tastes that you can achieve real bridal beauty. Of course, if you’re not yet confident in your “chic adult tastes,” hair and makeup artists can help you hone your palette.
Before going in for your trials (your going is undisputed), try to come up with few ideas of your own, based on the mood you want to create. This way, even if your maquillage connoisseur absolutely refuses to paint dark red lips on your fair face, she’ll understand you want to go old Hollywood, and offer complementary (maybe orangey, in this case), alternatives. If you can, bring in a picture of your gown so your stylists can get an idea of your overall look, although matching hair and makeup with clothing, as opposed to features, is a big no-no.
peruse and choose
soft and loose
Picking the right hair and makeup artist 1
Flowing waves flatter most all face shapes, and are too pretty to be considered too laid-back. (Although tying up curly locks into a loose bun or messy half-pony will add just enough class to keep you dressy casual.) Paired up with pinks and pastels for the cool-toned or golden hues for the warm, this look will showcase your natural, earthen beauty.
immovable chic
Picking the right hair and makeup artist 2
Only one feature should be enhanced to the brink of glam, and going with a sensual pout is a great way to turn heads. If you have a porcelain complexion, dare to don a bright ruby kisser, keeping your eyes, and thus the clown comparisons, to a minimum. Comparisons to Ms. Monroe are, of course, totally welcome.
The darker your skin, the freer you are to play with color. So if you were also blessed with a plump pucker, make the most of your beauty with dark purples, hot pinks and luxurious reds.
Hot lips make your face the focus, so keep hair relatively simple- either closely cropped or pulled back in a classic chignon, ballerina bun, side-braid or sleek ponytail.
eye catching
Picking the right hair and makeup artist 3
If you’ve got either the doe or almond-eye thing going on, let lips respectfully step aside in nudes or pinks, while you auspiciously jump on the sultry, smoky-eyed bandwagon. Seek matte tones in charcoal, green, blue or purple, depending on your eye color. (Generally, opposites attract and enhance, so blue will actually make green pop, and so on.)
Again, let attention reside on the face by pulling hair back, this time into an artistic chignon or side bun. A cute topknot with big, bold bangs will draw further focus to the eyes. Don’t lose your daring edge just yet- try a feathered hair piece, skinny head band or French braid across your forehead.
glamour time
Picking the right hair and makeup artist 4
Playing up both your eyes and lips can be tricky, but feasible with the right balance and right artist. Grey or brown smoky eyes and a strong pink or subdued red mouth can work on all fronts. Hair should stay unshackled and wild, so even if it’s pinned up, have it lazily fastened. If it’s on the short side, add a flower or a bit of plumage for oomph.
the price we pay for beauty
Picking the right hair and makeup artist 5
Going rates are dependent on the beauty expert’s experience. Updos may cost anywhere from eighty to two hundred dollars. Makeup artists will typically charge between fifty and two hundred - those heftier bills often due to airbrush foundation and eyelash extensions. Mineral makeup’s a pricey one too, but well worth it for that weightless, full-coverage experience. If you’re hoping to rent-a-beautician, you could end up paying up to eighty percent more than if you’d make the trek to the salon, because you’re covering what they’re losing.
what to ask
What do you charge?
Always get a quote upfront, as to avoid any last minute surprises. Inquire on bridal packages and trials- whether they’re discounted, complimentary or full-cost. Some salons offer discounts if you opt for a hair and makeup package, so look into that pronto.
Can you replicate a particular look?
Most artists can modify a particular look to suit your features, so ask if you can bring a detailed photo of an admired star for style inspiration.
How can I keep hair and makeup looking fresh throughout the night?
If anybody’s got tips and useful tricks up their sleeve, it’s these guys.
Is there a customer minimum for in-home transformations?
Some professionals will only travel to your home if a specific number of people are promising to participate in the beautification.
What kind of products do you use?
If you require or simply desire hypoallergenic, mineral-based or organic products, make inquiries before settling into that salon chair.
Are you willing to do the early bird special?
Those artists specializing in weddings will be happy to set their alarms to the ungodly a.m. for your needs. However, those working from a salon may begin only when their doors officially open.
What can you recommend style-wise?
These are professionals, and it’s best you trust their taste, judgment and industry experience if you find yourself strapped for know-how.