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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Pimples Question The Popping
Pimples question the popping cover full
There’s nothing quite like a blemish to make you feel as self-conscious as a teenager. But you don’t need to relieve puberty in all its awkward glory on your wedding day, so start practicing good skin care habits about a month beforehand and the difference should be quite noticeable. If you’re really crunched for time – like the night before or the morning of – there’s still hope. It’s not likely you’ll get rid of a pimple in a few hours, but you may be able to diminish its unwelcomed appearance significantly.
your cycle
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Plan the wedding around your monthly dose of migraines, bloating, and pimples – if not to circumvent a hefty shot of hormones, if not to avoid the charming tampon/princess-dress combo, if not to inspire a teeny bikini on your honeymoon, then because sweating the small stuff (like that bitsy zit only you can see) can become a way of life when menstruating.
your lifestyle
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An understandable amount of stress comes with the pre-wedding package, but handling it all with a bit of decorum, or maybe handing it over to a wedding planner, will help keep those blemish-inducing stress-hormones at bay. Take up yoga, listen to calming music, or soak up in a decked-out bubble bath with your fiancé – we’re talking champagne, bath beads, the works.
Treat your body right and it will reward you. Healthy oils are key, like olive or flaxseed, as are raw fruits and vegetables, especially of the orange and red persuasion. Beauty sleep is not to be taken lightly.
your skin-care regime
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The best way to keep pimples at bay is to maintain a smart skin-care regime. Mild soap and warm water is an oldie but goodie, and the preferable alternative to products chalk-full of harsh chemicals. Exfoliating once in a while is a good idea, but doing it too often will strip your skin of its natural moisture, forcing it to over-produce the oil and plug-up pores.
Like a toddler with chickenpox and grubby little palms, you may be tempted to pick and prod at with those annoying little red bumps, but, clean hands or not, you’ll only be rubbing in more dirt and oil, and spreading the joy to other areas.
Be kind to your face. Scrubbing won’t will away a blemish, it will just agitate your skin. Also, refrain from popping those suckers, because this will irritate the area further, and may eventually result in permanent scarring.
Only use oil-free cosmetics, and never skip the nightly makeup-removal routine.
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To reduce redness and swelling, cold tea bags and ice will do the trick. This doesn’t mean the pimple will disappear, but it will become less noticeable, and easier to disguise.
Coconut oil is great for the skin and may work for you. It’s worth a shot!
Some swear toothpaste helps dry up pimples, but depending on your skin type it may only serve to irritate your skin further, so only use it if you’ve tried it before.
Oil-free concealers and foundations should cover up those bad boys nicely.
If your case is really bad, look into ointments, lotions and creams containing benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid, or kenalog injections. Otherwise, natural remedies are a much safer route to go. After all, a pimple or two is unlikely to detract from your blushing, bridal glow!