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Posted by Cayla Capri
Pink A Healthy Obsession
Pink a healthy obsession cover full
Pink, as in tickled, as in ‘pretty in,’ as in your fiancé’s favorite piece of lingerie, can be as womanly and daring as it is girly and sweet. Painting your wedding pink doesn’t mean you have to stay within the realm of the pure and the poised- (though there’s little shame in channeling your inner Barbie-doll idolizing, tea party-girl) in fact, you’re encouraged to explore all the world of pink has to offer, from the bold to the exotic to the downright sexy.
pink & white
Pink and white 1
For the demurest of brides, a crisp white scheme with modest splashes of pastel pink is the perfect way to set a tone of sophistication and class with just dashes of girlishness.
pink 2.0
Pink bubblegum 1
Pump up the pink but maintain the sugar by going all out girly-girl: wall-to-wall sweet tutu pink with sparkling accents of silver, crystal or glitter (maybe some purple thrown in for good girl measure.)
hot pink
Pink hot 1
For girly-girl with an edge, ditch the bubblegum and go hot all over. Accents of yellow, white or purple will help amplify the spunk and brighten-up the already-bright. We’re really not trying to subdue anything here. We’re trying to razzle-dazzle ‘em.
pink & red
Pink and red 1
Take bold up a notch or two by adding China red to a hot pink color scheme. You’ll be taking pink’s soothing powers and turning it into red’s heart-pumping, ready-for-anything powers of seduction.
Pink spring 1
For an understated springtime look with a dash of English tea-party and a dollop of Easter, put together a palette of pastels: sweet pink with sweet-pea green, baby blue and light yellow. Or breathe a little life into that springtime palette by coupling up bright pink and green.
Pink summer 1
Drag that palette right into summertime with colors of tropical fish and flowers: bright pinks, blues, greens and yellows. Or recreate a hot summer night sunset with bright pink, orange and yellow.
Pink autumn 1
Bring pink back down to earth by subduing the hue and adding browns and burnt oranges to the mix. The autumnal colors combined with the freshness of pink will create an exotic, earthy, lusty feel.
pink noir
Pink noir 1
Take pink to the dark side, combining its hot sister with either chocolate brown, burgundy, or midnight black and adding cream to soften the blow. This will create a striking yet complimentary juxtaposition of colors.