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Posted by Cayla Capri
Playing By Ear
Earrings playing by ear cover full
Earfuls of sweet nothings are always yes-please welcome, but they’ve got nothing on the rite of passage-ness that comes with teenage ear piercing parties circa the sandy-dandy girldom days of Grease. With a shout-out-out-out that goes all the way back to ancient Persia, femme fatales have been bedazzling their lovely lobes for centuries. The just-right trickle of gem or pearl compliments flushing cheeks, creamy necks, and light refracting properties of stained-glass resplendency, making today’s cosmetic highlighters glow green with envy.
beauty within earshot
Earrings playing by ear 1
Earrings are here to stay but the brilliancy of options keep on coming. As with any formal ensemble, the trick is to assemble a team of accessories that enhance rather than scream for the spotlight. A princess get-up conjures a need for tickling drips of Swarovski or Austrian crystal while a beach-babe look calls for some coral or abalone shell blue lagoon clusters. A trendy fashion pendent earring sings volumes about a listen-up personality while a tender drop pearl set is timeless perfection that whispers fresh spring ease against a backdrop of veiled vintage lace.
hanging by a look
Earrings playing by ear 2
For a twinkle of diamante delicacy, seeming to float upon faerie-esque extremities, opt for sterling silver backed studs – these are sure to make for an uber-smooth transitioning from post-party to bed-down. Also known as sleepers, these sparkling flecks are tangle free when it comes to lo-and-behold flowing locks and rivulet intricate shrouds. The hoop is a dress-up dress-down kind of full-circle – in glinting silver, gold, or dotted diamond, this ferris wheel of a bauble throws nibbling kisses for a whimsical loop. The dangle design is most definitely a dramatic throwback to swinging divas and shoulder-grazing glory, while the chandelier style flashes come-hither dalliances thanks to multi-tiered branches and gemstone briolettes.
listen to reason
Earrings playing by ear 3
Contrary to popular belief, earrings are not just about Van Gogh’s foe but rather visage and necks everywhere. The right earring can balance a particular face shape or elongate just the right physical niche. An adorably round face should opt for the dangle style which provides luscious length while a oh-so sweet heart-shaped face should side with the width-wowing chandelier. A petite fille may want to avoid droopy ear bangles that scrunch the look of the neck while lofty ladies will need that little extra bit of rhinestone volume to make sure their earrings stand-out.
audio infrequencies
Earrings playing by ear 4
If alluring metals spark allergic discontent, look for a label that pledges nickel-free-dom. Not down with needles? Clip-ons are far from the days of dress-up – choose from a wide range of haute grown-up couturiere looks. Ear cuffs, spacers and barbells are a pinch for the bold and beautiful punky brewsters that would rather edge up than doll-face it, while a totally embellished bodice may call for a demure hush of jewelry-less up above, so as not to drown the look in distracting duds.