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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Puffy Eyes Deflating Gracefully
Puffy eyes deflating gracefully cover full
From where your wanton fiancé’s lying on a Sunday morning, your eyes are soft and billowy. From where you’re standing on W-day, amidst demoralized beauticians and merciless vanity mirrors, your puffy eyes are just that, with no bias-happy endearment shrouding the fact. Thankfully, you can sense the solidarity sister, as swollen lids are suffered ubiquitously in view of the area’s paper-thin skin and full-housing of blood vessels. Worldwide beauty blunders of course, beg for tips and tricks and sure-fire cures from leading experts, so read on to learn how you can fight the daily demon with simple science.
preventing dehydration
Puffy eyes deflating gracefully 1
Bodies can only stomach so much salt, so you best be wary of intake. Otherwise, yours will be forced to preserve any water on hand to dilute the dubious stuff. This fluid retention might make its début up near your peepers, so go easy on the salted rims of stag-party margaritas.
In fact, shy away from cocktails altogether. The dynamic duo of dehydration and fluid retention lurk just beyond happy hour, right around the a.m. hangover. While a bachelorette spa slow-down is a big, fat beauty DO, a cut-loose club-hop is a memory-making must, as long as it’s well timed. The night before the grand hitching is fine time for a healthy dose of sensible, sober dozing.
avoiding stress
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When mentally amiss or borderline erratic, our bodies get all riled up, leading to big-time blood flow and consequentially, the dreaded pillow eye. For your skin’s sake, impose an anxiety embargo. Employ breathing exercises, yoga, and tranquilizing guilty pleasures for protection. Or, try taking a bath with the works, including oils, beads, salts, candles and downtempo beats.
Get a good, solid eight hours of shut-eye. If pre-wedding jitters are keeping you tossing and turning, drink some sleepy-time tea. Snooze on your back with your head propped up on a pillow, as the elevation will promote good circulation, warding fluid away from the eyes. Don’t forget to remove your contact lenses, and whether you have dry skin or not, apply some gentle moisturizer.
last minute solutions
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Drink heaps and heaps of water to keep hydrated even if this means recruiting three bridesmaids to lift your dress every half-hour.
Cucumber, potato, and apple slices all serve in the fight against puffy eyes. In fact, anything cold will do, including compresses and tea bags seeped in icy water then refrigerated. Leave any of the above on your eyes for a good ten minutes, and watch those sandbags deflate.
Pharmaceutical aisles are chalk full of creams to cure your bloated eye blues. Make sure to buy one that contains aloe and Vitamin E. Ideally, you’d have bought this cream weeks before the wedding and tested it out beforehand, just in case you have a bad reaction. Hives make for worse wedding pictures than marshmallow-eyes, no contest. (Perfumes, detergents and makeup may also be the cause for your irritation, so do some investigating ahead of time.)
If you’re suffering because of allergies, (to pollen, animals etc.) take an antihistamine and hope for the best.
If you wake up on your wedding day with puffy eyes, don’t panic and start frantically slicing cucumbers. Sometimes, all it takes is a little gravitational pull to drain the fluid collected overnight.