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Posted by Cayla Capri
Purple Royal Crush
Purple royal crush cover full
Purple’s a statement-making color. It’s not for the lighthearted or the wall-flowered – it’s for those who want a stand out celebration schemed with as much vibrancy, creativity and proud unconformity as their off-center personality.
deep purples
Purple royal crush 1
Fancy your purples dark and commanding, your majesty? Go Medieval-sophisticate with dark plums, velvety purples and burgundies. Add touches of electric purple here and there for a hint of Merlin magic.
gemstone hues
Purple royal crush 2
Take majesty into the twenty-first century with jewel-toned and jewel-box hues. Amethyst and tiffany blue make for a vivid, unexpected combo, and if you soften the blow with lilac or light pink, or up the ante with flashes of silver, you’ll end up with a truly unique palette.
country colors
Purple royal crush 3
Bring purple right back down to earth with rustic, August-in-the-countryside, comfort-colors such as faded plum, brown and beige, or dark grape, dusty pink and greyish-white. Jots of fuchsia and spots of yellow can help lighten the scheme while still maintaining its cozy, down-home charm.
purple and white
Purple royal crush 4
Lavender and cream is subdued and demure, but can be perked into pretty with silky textures and silver accents.
violet and indigo
Purple royal crush 5
If violet and indigo don’t strike you as the most striking combination of colors since B&W, please see: irises; China’s Purple Mountain; (peaks cloaked in purple clouds against a blue-sky backdrop) the bottom half of a rainbow.
Purple royal crush 6
Bring new life to purple with a fresh, springtime theme. Try light purple, light green and white for that dewy-look, or go with dark purple, fuchsia, lilac and yellow for a heightened vibrancy.
Purple royal crush 7
For an electric summer scheme, combine magenta, orange and pink. Make sure those colors are just a hair away from neon, so they’re inoffensive, but provocative and full of energy.
summer part deux
Purple royal crush 8
Lessen the zing and soften that summer-on-acid look for a more modest July palette, including lilac, peach, pink and white.