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Posted by Cayla Capri
Red Painting The Town
Red painting the town cover full
Red is to love what cinnamon hearts are to hot what scarlet teddies are to a good relationship. It’s the hubba-hubba color, connoting confidence, spontaneity, and passion. Splatter it across the wedding-day décor and show off your personality, your verve, your out-spoken, up-the-wall, over-the-top vibe ms. (soon to be mrs.) red-hot.
black and white
Red painting the town 1
B&W are total classics, and red’s just the kick in the pants they need to get to that next level of greatness. So, like the proverbial newspaper, go black, white and red all over. It’s classy, but in a youthful, modern, brand-name-hoarding sort of way, not Victorian doll-demure or uptight yuppity.
sunset shades
Red painting the town 2
Dressing up your wedding like a sunset (red, yellow and orange) is basically an injection of every lovey-dovey, mushy-wushy cornball romantic moment you’ve ever shared with your babe into your big day. What could be more appropriate?
red all over
Red painting the town 3
Red’s great cause its too strong to ever be truly subdued, so don’t even bother trying. Turn the knob in the opposite direction and offend some eyes, overload some senses and fire up some lust. Go blood red for drama, china for pop, barn-door for play or crimson for romance. Leave these colors be, or amp up the wow with complimentary purples.
red and white
Red painting the town 4
Then again, a little goes a long way, so deep or bright red pumps, lips and bouquets can be more than enough red to make your otherwise white-washed wedding scheme fearless. Add pearls and/or choco brown for extra fashion snaps.
red and gold
Red painting the town 5
Find inspiration in Asia, where women famously pull off bold, stimulating colors with elegance. Dark reds, yellows and greens are all strong hues individually, but ubiquitously laced with underlying tones of gold and brown, they mesh together in harmonious style.
springtime palette
Red painting the town 6
Let fruit be your muse and create a spring palette with a little too much punch: fresh, fun reds, (as in roses, strawberries and raspberries) complimented by bright, greens and/or yellows. Take that very same color scheme and tone it down, for an apple-picking-in-the-orchard feel.
kitschy colors
Red painting the town 7
Let’s hear it for kitsch! It’s fun, silly, and let’s everyone know you don’t take yourself too seriously. Go Valentine campy with pink and red candy-inspired hues, like hot lips, sour cherry balls, cotton candy and bubblegum. If dual tones just aren’t enough, look to the rainbow of candied hearts for a flirty color palette.
subdued hues
Red painting the town 8
Strip V-day tones of its flash by fading the colors into a more antiquated palette with a touch of autumnal: rusty reds, dusty pinks and dirty whites.