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Posted by Cayla Capri
Registry Revived Creative Ideas
Registry revived creative ideas cover full
Retail registries make life easy, but if ramen noodles, instant coffee and the viral video have taught us anything, it’s that easy does not a worthy product make. In this case, it isn’t that fine china’s cheap, because it’s fine - it’s just not necessarily useful. Many modern couples are already shacked up, meaning they’ve got the whole pots and pans thing covered. So for inspiration beyond the linens and tea mugs and gravy boats (oh my), shut that cookware catalogue and get the old imagination churning.
ensemble cast
Registry revived creative ideas 1
A suitcase here and a vacuum there is swell, but since you’re shooting for spectacular, request that everyone pitch in on one mondo-fab gift to end all gifts.
Boldly request:
your honeymoon
a pet
a down payment on a new home
a donation to a charity, singular or plural
expensive wedding stuff, like the Calypso band or your dress
When being a maverick, you should still make things manageable for your loved ones. Start up a wedding site with links to the sundry charities, or the bank in question. If a furry addition’s in the works (think puppy or tarantula), have the paper work drawn up beforehand and mass e-mail a pic, lest you end up with a tarantula (or puppy).
brides at play
Registry revived creative ideas 2
Marriage, the early years, will be a snap provided you stay curious and fun-loving. Let guests contribute to your romantic success with tickets to ride, once-in-a-lifetime thrills and time lapse experiences.
Unapologetically apply for:
a sky diving lesson; a hot air balloon or helicopter ride
cooking classes; tango lessons
a permit to a night out, including dinner reservations and concert/modern dance/burlesque show tickets
a B&B weekend pour deux
a maid service (totally trumping the new dust pan your opted out of)
newbies but goodies
Registry revived creative ideas 3
Stick to stock registry entries at your own risk. Instead of the usual cupboard suspects, go kitchen-kitsch with:
an ice cream maker
a juicer
ice cube strays in lewd shapes; cookie cutters in lewd shapes; popsicle moulds
a fondue kit
cocktail shakers, stir sticks, martini glasses, tumblers, the boozing works
Ask for the household items you really want, like a big ol’ TV, not-exactly-priceless artwork, and the designer clothes your inner-mom won’t allow you to purchase yourself. Also, while you’ve got the authority, request help filling up your budding liqueur cabinet.
easy on the wallet
Registry revived creative ideas 4
If your wedding’s an intimate celebration on the fly, you can’t exactly demand lavish gifts. Set the balance and register somewhere novel.
a candy store or bakery
a novelty toy or hobby shop
a tea or coffee hut (think gift cards)
your video store (think 30 free rentals)
a flower shop (for atmosphere and oxygen generating house plants)
Finally, for the ultimate in creativity, register at a pottery café. Send guests to custom-paint you a whole new dinner set – eclectic everything from teapots to egg holders.