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Posted by Cayla Capri
Rock Around The Aisle
Rock around the aisle cover full
A fifties-induced, back-to-the future romp of adolescent idealism is sure to emboss even the most unruliest of couples in the purest of hall-of-famer glory. The early rock and roll power era, defined by a generation of screaming prepubescents, was one unto which the likes of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, not to mention the King himself were born. This social phenomenon symbolized one-of kind puppy dog love, first ripples of sexual tension, and ultimately, the rush of adrenaline that comes from a night of bucking the system. Fuse the bobby-socked oh-boy-ness of the dimpled dappled schoolgirl with the bad-boy Southern drawl and black leathered howling of the rockabilly counter-culture to create a triple platinum album of solid, wedded gold.
baby, let’s play house
Rock around the aisle 1
If your crowd’s small enough to procure a slinky dive for one evening (without everyone and his hound dog footing an outrageous bill afterward), hop on board the bar-train and rent out that fav lil’ passion pit in the name of authenticity. If not, it’s totally possible to recreate the ‘we gotta a gig tonight’ pastiche – think ripped red bar stools, golden filigree mirrors, kitschy coasters, album covers, bawdy pin-ups, and tattooed toasting flutes. Cinch the atmosphere with enough penny loafers to kick up a tornado, a handful of monogrammed guitar picks as reception favors, and by jimminy, a heaping helping of gear for when its time to jam – bird cage mics, vintage amps, and enough Fenders for the bender of all benders.
blue suede heels
Rock around the aisle 2
For your daddy-o, you’re going to want to spit ‘n’ polish his look with super smart suspenders, a pinstripe suit, and a pocket handkerchief. On the other end of the spectrum, rough ‘em up as much as you want with a pair of Wrangler cuffed jeans, plain white tee, and a pompadour slick of a hairstyle. Either way you swing it – the Buddy Holly inspired (Rivers Cuomo stolen) black horn-rimmed glasses look is sure to tune your E string in the end.
If you want to scream Queen of the Bandstand, opt for a chantilly lace afternoon tea dress, knee or mid-calf in length, in a sizzling hot, pigment-rich hue. The cut could include a sweetheart neckline, Bolero sleeves, or a Peter Pan collar. Moved by a particular edgy riff? Throw a cropped leather jacket over your duds and va va vroom. Rockabilly revival is popping up all over the red carpet (think “Juno” screenwriter Diablo Cody), so amp up your Betty Paige homage with a soundtrack featuring the likes of The Stray Cats and the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, alongside accents of leopard prints and red rose rosettes.
johnny b. food
Rock around the aisle 3
A fifties inspired menu is certainly no South Beach jog-in-park diet, but it’s sure to win guests over with its quirky charm, easy-bake nature, and finger licking goodness. Leave-it-to-Beaver tummy teasers include broiled grapefruit, melon ball cocktails, crisp canapés, bacon wrap-arounds, and herring apple-teasers. When it comes to main course diner slices of Americana, include baskets of silver dollar burgers and greasy-spoon fries.
Feature a decked out seventh heaven of pie-dom – chiffon pie, peppermint pie, baked Alaska, marshmallow bars, caramel corn, and cherries jubilee. Have your guests wash everything down with a flask-spiked punch bowl, general store soda bottles of Coke Cola, and frothy pints of beer on tap. Consider your very own, customized cake in the shape of a Les Paul guitar to take every hep cat around to Wowsville.
a little less conversation
Rock around the aisle 4
A rock and roll bride could never be upstaged, but music’s got to play a crazy pop, whoppingly big role in order to drive the theme right on home. Whether you settle on a Buddy Holly and the Crickets cover band, a Pat Boone impersonator crooner, a Fats Domino piano tinkling deluge, or a more contemporarily-revved, Brian Setzer-esque, bass slapping sensation, choose the style that has the indubitable talent of raising your spirits the most.
A jukebox and pinball machine will keep guests plugging the coins all night long, while a karaoke machine, or round of rock and roll trivia, has got it in the shade if if they’ve helped themselves to enough punch. If you want to keep the reception quaint and close to home – pull up the cab truck with the open flatbed, dig out a handful of the folks’ 45’s, and boogie on down alongside sundae parfaits, Chuck Taylors, and enough polka dots to paper your Mum’s kitchen.
A vintage car (think a lil’ Deuce Coupe) makes is the ginchiest of photo ops – if you want to make a showy entrance, a killer set of wheels will make everyone flip. When it comes to duck-walking your way towards a resounding chorus of “I doo-wop’s” – your main squeeze can always fulfill his life long dream of landing that record deal with a romantic gesture of tiger-beat proportions – singing to you as you jump, jive, and wail your way down the aisle.