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Posted by Cayla Capri
Runaway Bride Eloping With Pizzazz
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There’s something extra-nice about doing your wedding day your way. There’s nothing wrong with putting others first, but now’s the time for just ‘his and hers.’ Don’t let traditional zealots shame you out of town. Waking up with heart palpitations in the middle of the night is reason enough to reconsider the fanfare of ceremonial hoopla.
There are loads of super-rational motives for wanting to give elopement a whirl. You and your main squeeze may crave a true sense of intimacy that only few formalities can create. Or you may want to invest in a down payment for your love nest and a sun-tastic junket off the coast. Familial or religious riffs may be threatening to stir the pot and refusing to settle. Whatever the case, exit out of panic mode and prepare to reign supreme over your personalized nuptials.
the fine print
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First off, make the call on whether or not the elopement is going to be à la Bond (a top-secret, off-limits affair), or a casually clandestine occasion. Draw up a budget, select a locale, and then confirm state marriage laws and appropriate filing times. A wedding license acts as your legal permit to marry but will require proper paperwork when applying, so contact your local marriage license bureau. When marrying abroad, engage with the tourist office, embassy, or consulate beforehand in order to confirm whether or not nonresidents can acquire marriage licenses within the country. Verify if blood tests or witnesses are required, and if there are any religious or civil ceremonial differences you should be aware of. You may want to have a pre-vow pow-wow with your officiant regarding whether or not ad lib is allowed.
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When you elope in a seriously secret fashion, you eliminate the risk of prioritizing your peeps. Egos will go un-bruised and no one will call you on playing favorites. It is a thoughtful gesture to inform family members just before you take off or to tuck a few of your close ones in your suitcase. It’s also kosher to invite an entire guest list to your vacation destination of choice (only a handful will be able to attend). Take the time to explain to loved ones as to why you have made the choice to elope and describe how it will positively reinforce your new coupledom. More than likely, they will appreciate the fact that they were not entirely excluded, and as a result, respect your not-so-unconventional decision even more.
the curious case of the customized bride
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An elopement is an opportune time for exercising your ingénue and sending out those creative vibes. It’s also the perfect excuse for some pleasurable partying post-fleeing. Send out announcement cards or themed packages declaring the union to all your kin and best-ies. Include little mementos if the venue was exotic or host a reception after the deed is done. With a bit of bubbly in one hand and your hubby’s in the other, spill all the delish details to your guests. Pass around a photo album and feel free to chime in over the ooh’s and aah’s as anecdotes come flooding back to you.
xo marks the spot
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Decide whether or not you want the ceremony to be covertly flashy or super pared down. Feel free to make the emphasis vintage, period, or cultural. Las Vegas and Niagara are clichés for a reason – they’ve been a blast for years so why not hit one of them up? Go buck-wild saying ‘I-do’ in a hot-air balloon. Blow the whistle on your matrimonial bliss by train through the Grand Canyon. A maritime B&B, Tibetan monastery or butterfly conservatory are all unique examples of elusive hideaways. If home is where your heart is, keep it classic with the help of the local Justice of the Peace and a greasy spoon for some celebratory, late-night noshing.