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Posted by Cayla Capri
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Cruisin’
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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, historically scandalous and presently alluring, is exoticism at its most welcoming. With outstretched arms, this archipelago of Caribbean pedigree invites you to follow its cobblestone roads of hubbub and heatwaves down to whichever sanguine, unruffled island suits you comfy, cloistered needs.
the romance
St vincent and the grenadines cruisin 1
Long walks on a moonlit beach isn’t just the stuff of deliriously hopeful personal ads. St Vincent embodies romantic fulfillment and demands barefoot canoodling with lucid waters and alabaster sands. Waterfalls await your awe around every corner- the Falls of Baliene particularly antsy to accommodate a just-married skinny dip. But before turning sugary fantasies into a snug reality, replenish you picnic baskets in Kingstown, stocking up on reclusives’ druthers, then catching a boat to the nearest paradise. If thirty-two islands of picturesque splendor mocks your indecisive nature instead of awakening your inner opportunist, tip your hat to Petit St. Vincent. This remote gem offers twenty-two private cottages on hammock-speckled beaches swarming with an obliging staff.
the scenery
St vincent and the grenadines cruisin 2
Black sand beaches grip the Windward coast of St. Vincent, giving the ivory sands of your everyday Eden a run for its money. Waves that meet tsunami standards beg to be surfed, but an old fashioned snorkel alongside dolphins allows for the greatest panorama of scene-stealers, with tropical fish and coral clusters vying for top billing. Give your gills a breather one afternoon and get back to the land, hiking through lush rainforests and dreamy waterfalls. Your quixotic destination? A volcano’s peak.
the adventure
St vincent and the grenadines cruisin 3
It would be downright criminal to peruse St. Vincent without a layover at La Soufriêre, a 4,000-foot active volcano. Reaching the volcanic lake is straight out of an adventure novel: out from the Orange Hill banana plantation begins a three-mile trail leading you through a labyrinth of bamboo groves and a tropical rainforest to boot. Though the hike isn’t too much of a doozy, taking only two and half hours each way, it’s still recommended you bring along an all-knowing guide.
the secrets
St vincent and the grenadines cruisin 4
A hideaway picnic in the Owia Salt Pond, a huge pool surrounded by lava peaks, will inspire romance re-kindling of the frenzied kind for years to come. For more secret stunners to tingle spines, try Dark View Falls in Richmond Valley in the northwest, which houses two little-known waterfalls buried deep within the greenery.
the attractions
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The five uninhabited islets of the Tobago Cays, with their shallow turquoise waters and palm-tree dotted beaches of otherwise unadulterated purity, served as the setting for the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Interestingly enough, St. Vincent and the Grenadines used to be the crash pad of real life pirates, so if there was ever a place to live out your pirate and wench fantasy, this would be it. If you’re more inclined to do some cultural sightseeing however, check out the Kingstown Market for fresh fruit and vegetables, the Botanical Gardens for floral rarities, and Fort Charlotte for its historical barracks.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: February – May is sunny and warm (24-26°C / 75-79°F )
Summer: May – November is the rainy season; it’s hot and humid (27-29°C / 83-85°F)
Winter: November – February are sunny and warm (20-22°C / 68-72°F)
Light beachwear
East Caribbean dollar (EC)
The Lingo
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Fried Jackfish
Roasted Breadfruit