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Posted by Cayla Capri
San Sebastian Bask In Gold
San sebastian bask in gold cover full
San Sebastián, affectionately known as ‘Donostia’ - is a quirky sumptuous fusion of Spanish coast and forest, cuddled by the magnificent Pyrenees foothills and saltine sea. Locals, or ‘donostiarras,’ readily welcome you into the corners of their sleepy fishing villages and rosy-warm cider houses. The city centre, located between the Bay of Biscay and the Basque Country hillside, flaunts copious examples of fanciful Belle Époque flourishes, as well as tapas and pintxos bars a’plenty, offering lip-smacking samples of simmering cuisine, blushing berry liqueurs, and an undeniable sense of impish drollery.
the romance
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Parisian-esque architecture emerges from the fantastical area of Zona Romantica, while the Cathedral of the Buen Pastor makes for a stunning day-trip destination in the wine region of Rioja. Savor royal slumber at the Renaissance Palace, a former residence of distinguished by-gone-days nobility or visit Hondarribia for a fairy-tale waltz within a quaint medieval village. Feast on roasted racks of lamb and sweet peppers, accompanied by decanters of Cirsión wine in a gourmet restaurant hidden away in a historic hillside farmhouse, or take a chance on a hole-in-the-wall city niche - only to be pleasantly surprised by its humble candlelight, silken jazz, and belly-dancing performances.
the scenery
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San Sebastian just so happens to be the capital city of the province of Guipuscoa, located in the heart of Basque Country, Spain. Golden seaside beach resorts make this a prime holiday indulgence while its peaks mould afternoons into explorative, adrenaline-pumping merriment. Neighboring Mount Ulia, Mount Adarra, and Mount Igeldo kiss clouds while hot urban spreads below boast the aesthetic virtues of Parisian Haussmannian style. Swell bodies of water toss and churn their way through this intriguing piece of geographic diversity, from the Cantabric Sea to the river Urumea.
the attractions
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At the Museo Militar, you’ll find an aquarium glass tunnel walkway that creates superb cyclical viewing before making your way to Bilbao, where you’ll find the Guggenheim Museum, deemed by some as, ‘the finest building of our time.’ San Sebastián’s jazz festival, Jazzaldia, sizzles and sings while the Kursaal Opera House hosts a fabulous annual film festival.
Museo de San Telmo, a former 16th-century monastery, features both Renaissance and Baroque-period paintings while just the walls themselves are worthy of a peek, having been doused with the frescoes of Basque artisans. For more leisure culture, delve into the Mitxelena Art Centre, or take a swiftly speeding night train to Lisbon or Paris – keeping in mind hearts may find it hard to part with the Donostia side of life.
the adventure
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You’ll find Mount Urgull no doubt a challenging climb, but much worth the effort in order to achieve the spectacular view of the city and the Castillo de la Mota, or Mota Castle. Grab your board and niftiest bikini before bombarding the shore of Playa de Ategorrieta for some serious surfing play-time. Walk like a pilgrim along the rote of Camino de Santiago, or eat jamón jabugo under the surveillance of a proudly mounted bull’s head. Parte Vieja (or the Old Quarter) is home to the capricious wharves where one can hedge their bets on nautical luck in the realm of Regatas de Traineras.
the secrets
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When the carillon bells strike the top of the hour, be knee-deep in fantasy at the Barrio Gros beach, where the sand shines like soft-spun gold. Anchor down on Santa Clara Island, just off of shell-shaped La Concha, for a picture-perfect picnic of newlywed reverie. Visit the summer home of Queen María Cristina, the magnificent Miramar Palace, or keep it chill with an afternoon at the underground market of Lidl. If you’re not giving into the wonders of ancient thalassotherapy, pamper yourself with the therapy of shopping – stunning antique carpets, handbags, and art pieces abound within the stalls of Brexta Marketplace.