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Posted by Cayla Capri
Santorini Island In The Sun
Santorini cover full
Deemed the most romantic of the Cyclades, Santorini is the verdant gem in the crown of getaway Greek islands. Renowned for its Oia sunsets, blue-domed churches, and whitewashed towns, Santorini’s friendly locals lovingly shares its 4000 year old history with newly-acquainted patrons. Whether you choose to bask in the warmth of its sprawling coastline, or careen the night away in a rawking Caldera cocktail bar, this island is hands-down a big fat seventh heaven.
the romance
Santorini 1
Start off your va-ca with a perusal of some of Santorini’s finest wineries thanks to an exclusive private wine tour. Novice and connoisseur alike unite over ‘vinsanto’ or dessert wines hinting of crème brulee, chocolate and dried apricots. Dance to the sound of the mpouzouki in a square in Fira, or enjoy a cool Mythos beer inside an Armeni taverna.
For breathtaking see ‘n’ do:
Become one with the Aegean Sea thanks to a merging resort infinity pool
Visit Akrotiri - a traditional village uncannily unspoiled and secluded
View the dazzling frescoes of the Orthodox Cathedral – hand-painted by local artist Christoforos Assimis
the scenery
Santorini 2
Oozing multifaceted personality, Santorini’s beaches are purely eclectic – think firey red, black shining pebbles, and salt-washed white sand. Decked out in lounging chairs and parasols, the coast draws most tourists, but be sure to take a peek at some of the local fishing ports and donkey-traveled back roads.
Do take in:
Perissa and Perivolos beaches – the longest black-sanded beaches on the island
Vlychada – known as ‘moonscape’ landscape, note its smooth wind-sculpted geology
Red Beach – replete with unique vertical cliffs, or brazen White Beach that can only be reached by boat
the attractions
Santorini 3
Watersports and hard-core archeology collide on this Mediterranean gem. Visit one-of-a-kind cultural centers and info-delving dig sites, or simply shop your heart out along boutique-y lanes.
For some afternoon must-do’s, stop by:
The Museum of Prehistoric Thera – excavation finds dating from prehistoric Thira to the late Cycladic period
The Megaro Gyzi Museum - a 17th century family mansion displaying age-old engravings, maps, and manuscripts
The archeological site of Akrotiri – ancient civilizations come alive before your eyes
the adventure
Santorini 4
If one volcano isn’t enough, there’s plenty of hair-rising fun to get down and dirty with. Visit Kamari for its Aegean dive base or a brigantine tour of the Aurora Bella and Thelassa. For the wet and wild at heart, opt for parasailing, jet skiing, or wakeboarding.
If your engine’s still revving, try:
Banana boating or a test-drive in a tube- ringo off of Perivolos Beach
Sea bicycling or kayaking with a pit-stop at the local ‘Chili Beach Bar’
Ancient Thera - 11th century BC Dorian settlement that includes remains from the Hellenistic and Roman ages
the secrets
Santorini 5
Withstanding ancient invasions, fires, and earthquakes over the centuries – this good little island isn’t going to be kept down.
Explore its darker, intertextual side thanks to:
The Monastery of Profitis Ilias – fortress façade and a rich history of patriotic influence
The Panaghia Episcope – a gorgeous Byzantine church dating back to 1115
The Icons and Relics Collection of Pyrgos – displays on shoe-making, printing and candle-making
before you go
What to Expect
Warm Season: : the warm, sunny and dry season lasts from April until October (average mid-20s°C/70s°F)
Wet Season: November through March are cold and rainy months, however the temperatures still remain warm (average 13°C/55°F)
Wear light summer clothes
The Lingo
Greek, English
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Moussaka: a rich oven-baked dish of eggplant, minced meat, tomato and white sauce
Baklava: a sweet dessert made of tissue-thin layers of pastry with honey and chopped nuts