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Posted by Cayla Capri
Scotland Kilty Pleasure
Scotland kilty pleasure cover full
Scotland’s like one giant photo-op: rollicking green hills, glassy lochs and mesomorphic castles ready to get you gaping. A vast country of pure dead brilliant art and music, Scotland’s highlands, islands and lowlands are yours to trampoose, malt whiskey in your belly and sir on your arm.
the romance
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Many smaller castles in Edinburgh and the Highlands have been converted into hotels, where rooms can be rented by the night (some of them even have secret passageways.) Honeymooners who admire the charm and mystique of the country’s breathtaking castles must experience at least one night within their hollowed walls.
For couples who would rather not dish out a fistful of cash, there are many more architectural wonders open to visitors. Eilean Donan Castle, on the island of Loch Duich in the Western Highlands, is definitely a sight to be seen. As Scotland’s most photographed castle, Eilean Donan’s spectacular setting and history contribute to its reputation as the country’s most romantic castle.
the scenery
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The deep glens, glazed lochs and golden beaches of Scotland’s landscape, contrasted with the dramatic castles and cozy local pubs add to the wild, carefree environment.
For the most scenic experience, the Scottish Highlands are the place to be. Inverness is the happening capital of the Highlands, where visitors can try their luck at spotting the famous Loch Ness monster, and take a cruise on the Moray Firth, one of the best locations in Europe for spotting dolphins.
the adventure
Scotland kilty pleasure 3
Scotland’s great outdoors are ideal for those looking for adventure and activity. The country is famous for its world-class mountain biking and hiking trails and tours, so make sure to give that a shot. If golfing is your game, there are hundreds of putting greens to tee off on. The beautiful Isle of Skye is renowned for mountain climbing (and its malt whiskey). Going in the winter? Scotland has limited, though excellent, opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Going all-out? Attempt to fly a hovercraft in Fife or go sphereing (basically, rolling in a giant hamster ball) in Galloway.
the secrets
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When one thinks of Scotland, the idea of a pristine, sandy beach doesn’t usually come to mind. So it often comes as a surprise that Scotland’s Western Isles, known as the Outer Hebrides, have some spectacular beaches. The Isle of Harris has a unique landscape, with rocky, lunar ground in the north and long stretches of sand in the west.
For those familiar with the historical site of Stonehenge in England, the Ring of Brodgar and the Stones of Callanish are certainly sites to see. The Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic stone circle in Orkney, with 27 of its original 60 megalithic stones still standing. Once known as the Temple of the Sun, the Ring of Brodgar is today considered a part of a World Heritage Site.
Located in the Hebrides on the Isle of Lewis, the Stones of Callanish have origins dating back thousands of years. One local belief is that the rocks were once giants who, after refusing to convert to Christianity, were converted into stone – however the true meaning of the site remains a mystery.
the attractions
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A trip to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without exploring the cultural hubs of this fine country. Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow, is rich with art and architecture (it was dubbed the U.K’s capital of Architecture and Design), mouth-watering cuisine, a happening indie and folk music scene, and welcoming locals.
Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, is overflowing with sights to see. The sheer number of museums, castles and sites are a history buff’s dream come true. Make sure to see the famous Edinburgh Castle, the ancient fortress that dominates the cityscape. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, visit the interesting and unique Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, a museum showcasing a range of optical illusions and magic. Hit up Edinburgh during the Festivals: the International Festival and the Fringe Fest both run in August and September for a few weeks, when you can enjoy thousands of concerts, plays, and other creative endeavors.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: March – May are mild (low 10s) and rainy
Summer: June – August are warm months (around 20 degrees) but the weather is unpredictable
Fall: September – November is cool (around 7 degrees) and sometimes rainy
Winter: December – February are cool and sometimes snowy months (just above 0 degrees)
Dress warmly with a few light layers, in case the weather changes
Pound Sterling (£)
The Lingo
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Cullen skink: a hearty fish soup made from smoked haddock, shellfish, potatoes and cream
Forfar bridies: a small, flaky pastry meat pie