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Posted by Cayla Capri
Set Your Night On Fire
Set your night on fire cover full
Candles are second only to rose petals in the romance department, but even if sentimental isn’t your thing, soft, flattering and most importantly, photogenic lighting is everyone’s thing. Cut them short and chic or create a collection of varying heights and widths for some vogue illumination. Use scented candles to get your hall smelling as good as it looks, but nothing strong enough to compete with your menu. Keep in mind that soy candles are cleaner and usually stay ablaze longer. Below are a few ways to incorporate sensuous warmth into your wedding:
along the aisle
Set your night on fire 1
Group together a few aromatic candles of different shapes and sizes at the top of the aisle, and then sort smaller ones (either grounded or floating in tall vases) along the length, letting the light trickle down.
Set your night on fire 2
Floating candles are pretty because the light reflects on the water, creating a moonlit ocean effect. If you’ve drawn a blank on centerpiece ideas, drop a bunch of candles and lily pads in a shallow bowl, box or jug. You might also try placing just one in a long, sleek vase, alongside a single flower, or a whole handful (stems and all). You can surround the vase with little land-based candles, or more lit vases with varying levels of height and water.
Set your night on fire 3
Small candles lined up in a neat, orderly fashion, or clustered together in a circle (or birdcage, or on a raised platform – the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination), is a great way to add a little twinkle to your centerpiece, lounge or bar. As if you really needed help drawing guests to the cocktails.
wall of lights
Set your night on fire 4
Illuminate an entire wall, assorting candles along a lengthy shelf. Or, situate them on individual blocks of wood climbing up to the ceiling in a zigzag. You may also want to tie a mob of lights to a rot iron fence, or position a couple dozen along the entrance steps for some real magic charm.
Set your night on fire 5
Wherever you station your ambiance-makers, perk them up with goodies like flowers, fruit, tree branches or scene-stealing (light-reflecting) crystals. It’s the extra effort put into the oomph-ing that makes all the difference.
one love
Set your night on fire 6
For those participating in a religious service, carrying a single candle down the aisle can represent spirituality, peace, and purity. This is a nice way to incorporate traditional symbolism into your ceremony.