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Posted by Cayla Capri
Seychelles Sold By The Seashore
Seychelles sold by the seashore cover full
Seychelles, like any decent tropical archipelago worth its weight in coral, thrives with havens of palm trees, splashy reefs and pristine strips of sand scant of tourist footprints. But this archipelago isn’t just one of the many, it is the many. Singlehandedly breathing sincerity into the phrase “in your dreams,” Seychelles, found east of Africa, is composed of more than one hundred reverie-enviable islands; each one perfect for some major mooning over your honey.
the romance
Seychelles sold by the seashore 1
Privacy abounds across the tranquil beaches of Seychelles. La Digue Island is home to one of best, Anse Source D’Argent, the picture of perfection with its large pink granite rocks scattered along the shore and coral reef. Anse Georgette, on Praslin Island, is rated one of the top ten most attractive beaches on the planet, so let’s be thankful for the island’s befuddling obscurity.
the scenery
Seychelles sold by the seashore 2
Rent a car, bike, or moped (definitely the moped) and explore all the utopian sites Seychelles has to offer: lush tropical forests, exotic wildlife, polychromatic stone houses and no shortage of mango and banana trees.
Seychelles boasts two, count them, two, World Heritage Sites. The first is the island of Aldabra, a coral atoll housing incredible rare birds and thousands of giant tortoises. In order to preserve its paradisiacal state, tourism is discouraged, but you can take an educational tour if you’d like a glimpse of Eden.
For the “real” thing, check out the second site, Vallée de Mai on the island of Praslin, once thought to be the actual Garden of Eden. This nature reserve’s not-so forbidden but totally rare and basketball-sized fruit grows from the unique species Coco de Mer, which grow from the world’s largest seeds.
the adventure
Seychelles sold by the seashore 3
Spending the duration of your vacation cooped up in you hotel would be a crime, (an understandable crime, but still a crime.) Island-hopping adventures are a must: explore via kayak or sailboat, scuba-dive, fish, windsurf and snorkel. (Anse Volbert, or the Gold Coast, on the island of Praslin is especially known for its excellent snorkeling.)
For those who would rather stay on land, the Seychelles offer standard island-fair like golf, horseback riding, biking and hiking.
the secrets
Seychelles sold by the seashore 4
Southwest of Mahé resides a group of lesser-known islands known as the Amirantes. Visit the practically uninhabited island of Desroches, which, sitting atop the rim of a volcano, is covered with rich vegetation and beautiful beaches. Wander the maze of footpaths to the snorkeling areas, filled with coral and tropical fish.
the attractions
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When in Mahé, make time to visit the historical town of Victoria. Check out the tropical marine aquarium, learn about Seychelles history at the National Museum, and lunch on delicious Creole cuisine beside the clock tower in Freedom Square.
In the evening, Seychelles comes alive. The island of Mahé is illuminated with nightclubs and casinos, and you may be able to spot musicians along the beach while taking a stroll. Doesn’t get that much more rom-com-dénouement than that.
before you go
What to Expect
Summer: May – November are warm and dry (average 28 degrees)
Winter: December – April is the rainy season, so it’s hot and humid (average 28 degrees)
Tropical beachwear
Seychelles rupee (SCR)
The Lingo
English, French, Creole
A valid passport, return ticket, proof of accommodation
Local Delicacies
Zourit: octopus, often served with coconut milk
Tec Tecs : white shellfish & pumpkin soup