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Posted by Cayla Capri
Shoes & Sensibility
Shoes and sensibility cover full
Feet that crave comfort should not be ignored, even when loud, four-inch patent-leather pumps strive to drown out the yelps of pain. Pretty’s still a priority, but only second to getting through the day’s sundry activities blister-less.
No question it’s cute when brides unleash themselves from the shackles of foot-torture around 10 pm and hit the dance-floor barefoot. But there’s nothing like getting trampled sans armour by girlfriends’ heels and hubby’s clumsy hooves to jar one out of a footloose trance. Besides, dresses are hemmed according to the missus’ height in stilettos, so skirt’s get mucked up when dragged across a dirty floor. Naturally, those planning to haul along back-up penny-loafers run the same risk. But fear not shoe-lovers: you don’t have to go the orthopaedic route when seeking comfort. A sense of play’s got the pretty covered.
Shoes and sensibility 1
This doesn’t have to be a “tomboy” move, and it’s not too “run-away-bride” either. Hidden by silk and tulle anyway, sneakers are just clever alternatives; an assurance you won’t trip teetering to the alter. And if anyone requests a peek at your peep-toes, be prepared with pink Converse or polka-dot Keds: an audacious wink at your spunky, gutsy inner-kid. They’re sure to be received with a wry smile.
Shoes and sensibility 2
Whether rubber, cowgirl or combat, donning boots beneath inconspicuous layers of chiffon is a pretty wily move, and it takes a certain kind of bride to pull off such stealthy sass. Of course comfort’s a perk, but even better than the obvious snugness factor, the boot-gown combo can deliver some seriously kick-a wedding photos. This is especially true when the bride is found in a natural setting (field, farm, city block) with her dress hiked up to reveal the menacing/cutesy boots and a bit of leg.
Shoes and sensibility 3
Ballet flats, fancy flip-flops and bejewelled slippers are as trendy as ever, fusing comfort and style seamlessly. Even the big name brands have sobered up their footwear lines and hopped on the flat bandwagon, putting in just as much effort and intricate artistry bestowed upon the Bradshaw five-inchers. Nothing’s stopping you from hopping on up too.
kitten heel
Shoes and sensibility 4
The kitten heel, a stiletto’s training wheel, has always been a favorite of novice stilt-walkers. Because they’re just not-quite-so-high heels, they leave way for pointy toes, peep toes, high-end materials, Mary Jane straps, silver buckles, voguish bows and sweet detailing. Basically, you can have your sex-appeal and wear it too.
Shoes and sensibility 5
If wedges make you think of Sun-In, Daisy Dukes, red nail polish, heart-shaped sunglasses, sipping lemonade from curly straws and all other things youthful and summery, then don’t hesitate to opt for fun, nostalgic foot-wear. Especially appropriate for a casual, summer wedding, the wedge adds desired length without the pain or austere.
tango dancing shoes
Shoes and sensibility 6
The premier alternative to pumps, tango shoes are altitude-friendly, elevating you to model-esque heights. However, the heels aren’t pin-thin, and the arches are cushiony, malleable and totally supportive. The only draw back is that the styles are somewhat limited in their diversity. Still, these darlings are always simply pretty and two-step-ready.