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Posted by Cayla Capri
Shoulda Put A Ring On It
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Following in the footsteps of Friends’ Monica and Sex and the City’s Miranda, come a horde of female DIY’ers taking matters into their own hands. The stage is set, the candles are lit, and your fella is adorably unassuming. It’s finally time to pop the question of all questions. Whether you choose to call on come-hither eyes, wham-bam shock value, or Obama-esque rhetoric, you’re about to enter a euphoric bubble for two – so boys, get off the bent knees and make way for some spicy girl empowerment.
have a game plan
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Thankfully it’s all about strategy when it comes to eliminating pre-popping jitters. Having a few tactics up your sleeve is sure to evoke a smooth delivery and a winning goal response. In case of a struggling offensive, have a contingency plan on the bench.
Factors that have been known to go awry – moody Mother Nature and quirky karma – temporarily set romance aside in exchange for practicality. Check the weather forecast, get a gander at your man’s agenda, and double-check any reservations.
a (not so) modest proposal
Shoulda put a ring on it 2
Your proposal should be custom-fit in relation to your main man’s personality. An endearing class-clown is sure to be over the moon for a surprise party, a rock ‘n’ roller is going to be blown away by a song dedication at his favorite drinking hole, while a dashing man-about-town will beam over seeing his name in the paper come Sunday morning.
For something a little more subtle, opt for a gesture that reveals your uncanny mutual desire. Spell out “Will You Marry Me?” against a windswept seascape with a pail full of pebbles. Scrapbook your heart out and document past moments and milestones, concluding with a cumulative curlicued query. Tucked away in your first-date booth, have the infamous question printed out onto a piece of paper, and then gingerly taped to the bottom of your sweetheart’s plate.
share your thunder
Shoulda put a ring on it 3
As much as you get kudos for gutsiness, asking and dashing empty-handed will simply just not do. At the off-chance your hubby-to-be feels woeful over you beating him to the punch, hold off on any kind of ring and opt for something a little more out of the DeBeers box – matching pendants, an antique pocket-watch, or a joyride by motorcycle across the city at night. He may even be so moved as to see your proposal and raise you one of his own.