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Bridal Showers
Posted by Cayla Capri
Showered In Ink
Showered in ink cover full
Exoticiscm meets arthouse, thanks to a henna bridal shower, shimmering with gold chimes, undulating spices, and South Asian exquisiteness. Henna, also known as or Mehndi or Sangeet, is a dazzling song and dance shindig that incorporates the activity of adorning the bride’s hands and feet with aromatic dyes, alongside some serious best gal-pal bonding. Over recent years, intricacy-laden henna tattoos have resurfaced as an undeniably hot trend, honoring a thousand year old tradition, and percolating an already pretty sweet treat as the miss-soon-to-be-missus send-off.
smooth as silk
Showered in ink 1
Why not make this a silken-tented affair, replete with jasmine-wafting candlelight, powdery paths of rose petals and begonias to the bride’s chair, and a seventh heaven of superfluous satin pillows. Classic henna hues include resplendent reds, earthen golds, gauzy greens, and desert-esque yellows and oranges. Push the plush factor, go to town with clay and mirrored mosaic mosaics, and drape silky toiles, burning with sunset ambitions, from ceiling to floor. Don’t forget to include brass plates filled with sparkly bangles, twinkling anklets and vibrant bindis to give out to gushing attendees.
darjeeling unlimited
Showered in ink 2
Think sizzling saris with scalloped edging and floral resham embroidery, or sexy pantsuits dolled up with elaborate kantha patterning. Winking sequins, beads, pearls are just the tip of the ice sculpture – offer ornate bracelets or tiny vials of jasmine perfume in velvet pouches. Get down to the business of body art with fresh, top quality Mehndi paste. You may want to hire a henna artist or invest in a DIY kit. Lemon juice and sugar syrup can be applied to further fasten the paste, but make sure that all manicures, pedicures, and hair removal has been dealt with beforehand. Opt for traditional Mehndi designs blended with a contemporary vibe – think curlicue leaves, peacocks, arabesques, paisleys, vines, lotus flowers, and the groom’s initials hidden amongst the good-omen-ness for good measure.
sweet tattoo-th
Showered in ink 3
Fantabulous tandoori, piping-hot Nan bread, yummy vegetarian bhajis, and spicy samosas make for a feast fit for a Raja. Come dessert-hour, go with the obvious choice of a henna cake or henna cupcakes, marzipan, cashew fudge, or an assortment of Indian sweets from a South Asian bakery thrown in. Wash luscious baklava down with honey mango lassis, or fill fine china tea cups with an assortment of silken chai tea pouches for the sampling. Top the night off with henna-fied scoops of fried ice-cream, ginger-fruit punch, or cardamom shakes.
pass the pyaasa please
Showered in ink 4
Punjabi MC’s “Mundian To Bach Ke,” plus some pulsing Buddha Bar beats are sure to heat up an evening, thanks to instrumental brushstrokes of sitar, tabla and tambourine. Screen a Bollywood movie or rent an Indian drum known as a dhol for background ambiance. A bridal henna hinges on whimsy – old-school bobbing for apples, a karaoke spotlight, or an innocently rowdy round of “how well do you know your groom,” resulting in bites of rose-water delights for every wrong answer, are sure to keep your peeps in peachy-keen spirits. Your bridesmaids may even decide to to prepare a dance in your honor, so don’t feel shy when it comes to joining in.