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Posted by Cayla Capri
Signature Drinks
Fathering a signature bevy means getting to play bartender, just you and your fiancé making the most out of playing house. It also means not having to open a bar because come W-day, beer, wine and your immaculate conception will suffice nicely.
simply put
Signature drinks 1
From-scratch concoctions won’t be a cinch if you’re not the nightcap type, so instead wrangle what you already know into something fresh.
Cocktail history is decidedly sexy (look it up: margaritas, martinis and mojitos are respectively cloaked in courtly love, Hollywood myth and ex-pat intrigue) and the drinks don’t require much tweaking. A dirty mojito with spiced rum, brown sugar and blackberries is the perfect example of a twist gone right, as is a gin fizz with elderflower soda.
Or, start off innocently with something like iced coffee or peach juice, and then take its virginity with hazelnut liqueur and spiced rum or mint and tequila.
choose your own ad-bender
Those who tended bar in college might not want to play it so safe. As long as you’re familiar with the basic rule that a good fix is made of booze, supporting booze and an enhancer, you can break it. As long as you’re familiar with the basics, it’s time to build-your-own-cocktail.
top five spirits
Signature drinks 2
Vodka: like black, it goes with everything
Rum: like mornings, it goes with citrus
Whiskey: use bourbon for mixed drinks
Gin: curb its dry nature with lime or vermouth
Tequila: it goes with fruit and partying
ways to enhance
Signature drinks 3
Extract the oils from herbs and fruit, bruising them ever-so gently along with simple syrup, sugar or juice.
lavender sprig
rosemary and orange
sage and pineapple
mint, lime and blackberry
Signature drinks 4
Along the edges of your champagne flute, mason jar or martini glass, sparingly use:
salt and/or pepper
cinnamon and/or cocoa powder
finely ground coffee beans
finely ground toasted hazelnuts
Signature drinks 5
Wedge, wheel, twist and zest your way to moonshine mastery with:
brandied cherries
shaved coconut
cucumber curls
crystallized ginger
blanched green onions
Signature drinks 6
Create floors of tantalizing good looks: the heaviest sit on the bottom; the lightweight are dolloped up top.
In order of appearance:
syrups (simple syrups to balance all citrus; sour mixes to balance any cane sugar)
juices / acidic juices / pop / champagne / bitters, for flavour symmetry
creams, like Irish, whipped, or ice
clever tip
Don’t right-off ice as a wet blanket or obvi no-brainer, as it is the single most pertinent addition to your fancy drink ever. It also melts when shaken, bringing a zen-like balance to your too-strong cocktail.