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Posted by Cayla Capri
Singapore A Song Of Love
Singapore cover full
Singapore is a conglomerate of Asia’s choice urban cultures (food from everywhere and a stylized backdrop to boot), yet maintains a little rainforest in its midst. It’s this strong sense of dichotomy that allows the city’s pristine, tranquil beaches and preserved artistic community to live side by side with its tiger-beer soused, cuisine-oriented, cosmopolitan nightlife. Those looking for lazy days and rollicking nights needn’t look any further than across the Pacific Ocean.
the romance
Singapore 1
Although Singapore is a happening place, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your hubby to steal away for a romantic night together. In the evening, board a cable car from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island and enjoy an intimate gourmet meal while marveling at the spectacular views of Singapore harbor and skyline.
Afterwards, walk through the busy and lively all-hours Clarke Quay. Finally, head back to your hotel, where you and your beau can spend the night in a lavish room overlooking the bright lights of a city that never sleeps.
the scenery
Singapore 2
Singapore is surrounded by water, providing visitors with incredible views, stunning beaches and excellent waterfront dining. The tropical climate has made Singapore an ideal spot for exotic natural parks, so take advantage of the lush beauty and visit the Jurong Bird Park and the Butterfly Park, rollerblade through the tree-lined East Coast Park, stroll through the fragrant Botanical Gardens or sunbathe on the sandy Palawan Beach.
the adventure
Singapore 3
If you and your hubby are athletic and adventurous, dare each other to embark on an 11-km jungle hike (“The Treetop Walk”) through the forests of the MacRitchie Reservoir. About halfway through your hike, you’ll come to a 250-meter long suspension bridge that connects the two highest points of the reservoir. Steal a kiss as you stand nearly 30 meters above the jungle floor, surrounded by wilderness.
Get up close and personal with the jungle creatures as you experience the world’s first Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo! Open until midnight, the tram ride that takes you through the zoo is made even more thrilling at night. Make sure to hop off and explore on foot from time to time.
the secrets
Singapore 4
Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman, is an awe-inspiring example of the country’s religious relics. The outside of the temple is covered with sculptures of gods, goddesses and mythological creatures, so that devotees can say their prayers from all over the city. Once inside, visitors are expected to ‘purify’ themselves with sprinkles of water; to walk around the temple in a clockwise fashion an odd number of times, as a sign of good luck; and to break a coconut, as a symbol of breaking their egos to reveal their pure nature.
History buffs will appreciate the remains of a military fortress atop Mount Serapong on Sentosa Island. Walk through the jungle to view the remains of the Serapong battery, and get some of the best views of the Singapore harbor from the top of the hill.
the attractions
Singapore 5
On Sentosa Island, admire the enormous statue of the symbolic Merlion – a fish with a lion’s head – located in Merlion Park. The best time to see the water-spouting statue is at night, when both the Merlion and the Walkway are beautifully illuminated.
Savor the delicious aromas of the Hawker centers, the open-air food markets in the streets of Singapore, many of which are open until the early hours of the morning. Sample the wide variety of cuisines from the hundreds of food and beverage stalls available to tempt your taste buds. Wander through Little India, where you can find the Mustafa Center, a 24-hour shopping mall with great deals.
Singapore’s Underwater World, on Sentosa Island, provides visitors with a unique experience, where the marine creatures (including the world’s largest display of sand tiger sharks) are showcased as you walk through a spectacular transparent tunnel. Couples will delight in the fact that you can swim with the dolphins at the nearby Dolphin Lagoon, and enjoy a relaxing pedicure and massage (using fish!) at Fish Reflexology.
before you go
What to Expect
Summer: Hot and humid (high-20s). Temperatures are consistent from February – October, and it is often rainy.
Winter: Warm and humid (mid-20s). Monsoon season is from November – January. Usually rainy.
Casual and light. Pack an umbrella.
Singapore Dollar (SGD)
The Lingo
English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Satay: barbecued meat skewers served with peanut sauce
Laksa: a fragrant noodle soup in a coconut-based curry broth
While Singapore is a very safe country, they are very strict when it comes to enforcing laws. Things such as littering, jay-walking and eating on public transportation are subject to hefty fines (even chewing gum is banned).
Be careful: obey the signs, and don’t try to get around the law.