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Posted by Cayla Capri
So Many Dresses, So Little Time
One evening many dresses cover full
After combing the shops, poring over the mags, and twirling around more times than she can count, a blushing bride-to-be should consider herself lucky to have settled on her number one gown – guaranteed there’s going to be a second favorite, third runner-up, and a neck and neck tie – how to choose may just be the most elusive of mystery of the feminine mystique yet.
Fact tidbit - Napoleon’s second half, the Empress Eugenie, demanded 250 dresses for the opening of the Suez Canal (and justified such lavishness on the premise that it was a historical event, clever lady), but for a hip ‘n’ happening trendster who’s got more love for style than closet space, 3 dresses on W-day is nothing over the top. Go ahead and tell those weddable duds the good news – they’re coming home with you.
big entrance gown
One evening many dresses 1
The scene is set, the prince is in place – if there was ever a time for a debutante-like debut, it’s a fashioned-out processional where everyone’s craning and straining to set their sights on the leading lady. Knowing that you’ve got a trousseau filled to the brim of upcoming costume changes, you can poof and floof as much flounce and bounce as you like down the aisle, without the threat of spilling and immortalizing red wine within its folds, or smearing a heart-crushing grass strain right across its unassuming hem. Not to mention your train can be as locomotive-long as you ever dreamed to be, and blessed by never having to know the feel of a misplaced heel.
smooth sailing reception
One evening many dresses 2
Legs for days and boogie-down mobility – a dress change involving a high glam cocktail dress is revved and ready to get out there and strut its stuff. Its sex appeal remains toned down, since Grams and Gramps are still up and running on a butter frosting sugar high, but the style flag flies high – think bubble hems, butterfly sleeves, ruching, beaded embellishments, stone studded A-lines, or fifties tea lengths. Color-wise you’ll want to make a soft transition for the pomp and circumstance previously - select a dress in dove, ivory, or blanched almond white.
the after-party lil’ number
One evening many dresses 3
The champagne’s kickin’ in and the DJ’s only just begun - signal the intentional shift from honored lady of the hour to party-hardy Hilton kitten with something gemmy and eye-popping. A dwindled-down guest contingency means not worrying about everybody’s allergies, idiosyncrasies, and preferable preferables - celebrate your newfound freedom with a fresh spritz of perfume or an extra smudge of sultry shadow.
Opt for a holy-moly short Grecian drape loaded in sequins or a lace bustier with a net ruffle skirt. Now that the stars are out, the neckline can get daring– play around with a plunge sculpted chiffon or bandeau ruffle paneled stunner. Finish off with a pit stop at the boudoir for a set of spiral diamante earrings, pearlesque necklace, and something spiky for your toesies.