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Posted by Cayla Capri
Stay At Home Suite
Stay at home suite cover full
Creating an in-home dreamscape is a cinch as long as you’ve got a soft spot for su casa D.I.Y. Permeating your bedroom with ritz ‘n’ plaza appeal all comes down to pleasing the senses – think a shadow cast by flickering flame, a pillow plumped with ruched silk, or a trail of hibiscus petals across an antique quilt. Once mess is minimized and the daily grind reduced to obsolete, you’ll be setting the going-rate for seduction in no time.
bridal fantasy
Stay at home suite 1
A feather-down duvet is a fun fluffy way to primp your honeymoon at home without tallying up a traffic-stopping budget. Think a swirling decadent pattern of paisley or a big and bold color-seeped solid. Consider investing in filigree-carved mahogany or a wrought iron headboard for added mellow-drama. Dimmers instead of tradish’ wall switches will help customize your come-on with effortless ease.
Leather-bound books, grandfather clocks, tiffany lamps and rich hooked rugs come together to conjure up a throwback to master/mistress dynamics, while draped white netting and miniature topiaries are reminiscent of a southern sun-drenched fantasy.
the sound and the lusty
Stay at home suite 2
Stress-intense sounds are sure to axe the mood. Prep to impress with velvet toile or damask curtains that filter out metropolis white noise. Tuck the laptop away and dust off a hot jazz record or chilled-out CD while adding flourishes of scented candles, aromatherapy oil burners, and bouquets of freesia, lemon leaves, and lilies for some midnight garden charm.
Top everything off by scattering silk sachets and scented dusting powder upon the pillowcases - scintillating scents to look for include African orchid, amaranth wood, blackberry musk, and Damascus plum.
dessert in bed
Stay at home suite 3
Mugs of brandied hot chocolate, dollops of whipped cream, cardamom, strawberries, and lightly sugared cherries are all naughty accessories when it comes to hard-core indulging. Have amphora jars of edible massage oils on hand (try almond and honey or apricot and vanilla), as well as a vintage ice-bucket of belle époque champagne. After freeing up the tongue post a toast or two, dip and lick bowls of Grand Marnier ice cream, chocolate ganache, and pear and cinnamon truffles.
Stay at home suite 4
For a stroke of stylistic brilliance, seek out an oversized stuffed rococo chair or a brass-bound trunk of diamante pillows. A fresh change of sheets, whether crisp linen, country cotton, or slinky satin, will help you and your paramour delve right down into the mysterious realm of rem. If sleep is the last thing on your mind, a boudoir replete with a teddy and garter to boot enforces the fact that homey honeymooning is simply not for the faint of heart.