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Posted by Cayla Capri
Strappers’ Delight
Strappers delight cover full
There’s something about the bare-it-all collarbone that brides just can’t get enough of - everybody says yes to strapless, a neckline that has yet to bow down to the cutthroat tidal waves of fashion-trend overhaul, flaunting strong for over a decade now, and with no sign of wavering. As much as the shown-off shoulders look screams ‘fancy’, there is still a fantabulous plethora of styles to choose from that can signal look-at-me uniqueness and couturiere savvy-ness.
leave room for mystery
Strappers delight 1
A strapless dress can most definitely be suggestive, but don’t write off a rainy-day afternoon of rooting around in the past just yet. Run the gamut of chance and shake off all those dusty stereotypes – there’s no dowdy allowed when it comes to faerie-esque cap sleeves, feathered clouds of tulle jackets, snug-as-a-bug faux-fur shrugs, and royally true-blue Edwardian collars. Not to mention, a strapless neckline has been known to get a good girl down when it comes to supporting her lady-est of assets. There just isn’t anything provocative about hauling up your dress all evening, but a lot to be said for an era when the flash of an ankle sent mens’ heads reeling.
collarly pursuits
Strappers delight 2
The V-neck is classically ivy league, but can shed its cottony ways on a dime for a sateen showdown – lifting, emphasizing, and sidling up to sleeves ever so fluidly. The scoop neck remains Miss Popularity, with its ready-made appeal, softie-toftiness, and looks-good-on-anybody mandate. If your shoulders are sculpted claims to fame, a wide square neckline draws eyes right where you want them. If you’d prefer your frame a little more meek and mild, the halter neckline swirls attention up from the chest and along the neck, minimizing any starkness of the shoulder.
neck n‘ neck alternatives
Strappers delight 3
The sweetheart neckline is über-flattering and accentuates all the right places. The hapless romantic in the bunch, it suggests the flutter of a heartbeat, the moment before a swoon, and lightbulb-bright innovation of revealing just the perfect amount of skin. Another option - the sea-faring beauty that is the bateau neckline – chock full of gumption and anchors-way enthusiasm, emphasizing long necks and proud shoulders. Spaghetti straps are delicate and girly and work effortlessly with any empire waist.