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Posted by Cayla Capri
Stuart Weitzman The Bridal Shoe
Stuart weitzman the bridal shoe cover full
There is a certain subculture of shoe-lover known as the Weitzman Women. These are a people who worship the unmitigated magnetism of a well-crafted slingback with no less enthusiasm than those British Invasion tweens. If you can’t get to an immortal pump today, the obsession can be justified through Stuart’s repute. The man is at once designer and craftsman; big name brand and hands-on artisan. His shoes hold their own on the red carpet and they’re so often spotted kissing the catwalk, rumours are starting to spread. However, the peep toes are really going make a statement cruising your aisle runner.
All Weitzman white heels dodge the plain jane moniker because they’re ‘touched by a designer,’ yet squads of craftsmen cater to their needy minutiae. Take a look below and discover why every girl is just a strappy sandal away from initiation into radical Weitzman Womanhood.
Stuart weitzman the bridal shoe 1
The ‘Gigiritz’ lets you walk (strut) that fine line between cute cub and tigress with a 2 ¾ inch (notch above kitten-)heel. The ruffle up front cinches the look and begs for carbon copies on handbags, hair pieces and bust lines.
Stuart weitzman the bridal shoe 2
With every related detail music to a shoe junkie’s ears, these satin platform slingbacks don’t skimp on the oomph. Swarovski crystals grace the buckles and the forepart criss-crosses over a peep toe for sexiness of corset proportions.
Stuart weitzman the bridal shoe 3
The satin that blankets these open toe slingbacks is hardy enough for a dye job, making them ideal for offbeat babes with pop and sizzle on the brain. Strap yourself into these bow-tied 3 ¾ inchers using the adjustable buckle closure and catwalk tall, Ms. Antoinette.
Stuart weitzman the bridal shoe 4
Satin on the outside, leather on the inside and with a rose on top, the ‘Pomposo’ is Spain’s modern ode to pastoral beauty. Also a mere notch below 4 inches and also rocking the peep toe, these are spicy, pretty little things.
Stuart weitzman the bridal shoe 5
Those wishing to shine opulently and uh, sensibly have found their incongruous footwear in the ‘Floracita,’ a ballet slipper with glitter appliqués and a leather bow of crystal embellishment. The shoe comes in silver for winter weddings, cool toned gams and brides flashing baby-blues, as well as gold for summer flings, bronzed pins and Van’s brown eyed girls.