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Posted by Cayla Capri
Summer Loving Hair Trends
Summer loving hair trends cover full
A very sarcastic ‘good luck’ to those trying to spot a common motif amongst this summer’s hair trends – they give it to us straight, curly and unkempt, plus piled unnervingly high. Combing through the sundry styles (all drop-dead hot) takes a boar bristle brush, but once detangled, it’s clear the fashion gods have smiled upon us all- especially those suffering from the sticky summer neck. Get ready for some pretty sexy pragmatism, ladies.
general guidelines
Summer loving hair trends 1
This year, fight fire with fire. It’s only taken us a couple thousand hair serums to realize that our best defence against humidity is to exaggerate its effects.
With a few exceptions (read: the sleek pony), matte, textured and sometimes downright teased hair remains our number one priority:
Baby hairs are encouraged to fall from jewelled headbands
Waves enjoy boho-freedom
Only-partly-tamed frizz is appropriated and swept back into textured buns for natural volume
clever tip
To keep even the most fast and loose curls curly, you’re still going to need some product. A good sculpting mousse will obviously do the trick; just remember to leave your ends unburdened for hair that mooooooves.
thumbs updo
Summer loving hair trends 2
Long waves still hold a death-clutch on their trend status (with stick-straight hair encroaching), but summer brides deserve some no-sweat glamour. Literally.
Leave the loose tresses for the air conditioned theatre with:
Messy topknots, ponytails and chignons with wavy, face-framing strands or bangs
A pony lazily gathered underneath with bobby pins
clever tip
If you must let loose, at least give your forehead a break by ditching the part: slick hair back with a gel or tease it into a pompadour.
let’s twist again
Summer loving hair trends 3
Braids are hot right now, really hot, but unlike the leotard they don’t run the risk of embarrassing you down the line. Everyone looks cute when plaited.
Channel Heidi (Klum) with:
A side braid, French braid or long braided ponytail
A clip-on braid(s) wrapped around a chignon
A braid at the hairline (perfect for those impatiently growing out bangs)
One or three little braids, lazily clipped up and under the hair
un-cut shorts
Summer loving hair trends 4
Miss Mulligan’s crop is very sweet, but unless you’re already pixie cute, you probably shouldn’t make such a drastic move pre-wedding. Instead, do like the stars and fake the hot tomboy look with:
A 20’s ‘bob’ – once your hair’s curled, tuck the ends under with pins and don’t fret about runners
clever tip
All that lackadaisical hair begs for its polar opposite in terms of hair color and makeup, so have fun with this seasons bold and bright chroma-crushes.