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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Super Foods To The Rescue
Superfoods to the rescue cover full
In the countdown to the happiest of happy hours, a bride wants to make sure she looks as glowy as she feels. When it comes to loving your beau deep into infinity, you’re going to need to vamp up your physiological state from the inside out. In an effort to fight the big bad C’s – think cancer, cholesterol, coronary disease – here come super foods to the rescue. These yummy knights in shining armor are basically antioxidizers, anti-inflammatories, metabolism regulators, fat burners, and toxin flushers all rolled into one, brimming with kryptonite-like powers to help keep you lean, mean, beautiful and strong.
blueberries, pomegranates
Superfoods to the rescue 1
These bubbly antioxies promote über-brain activity and the subtle soft cleansing of every blushing beauty’s arteries. Ellagic acid, a special little compound found within these luscious fruits, is ready and able to fight nasty criminality against innocent cells. Both foods have been proven to operate on a shields-up level against cardiovascular disease, infection and the not-so-wise ‘n’ wonderful side of aging. The vitamin C found in these babies actually helps encourage cell regeneration – the claim to fame of all of those triple-dollar-sign skin creams. Try blueberry rooibos iced-tea, blueberry coconut flan with lime, or fig and pomegranate tapanade.
goji berries
Superfoods to the rescue 2
Originating from the Himalayas, this crazy-good for-you-food is all the rage these days, garnering the spotlight for through-the-roof amounts of iron, beta carotene, antioxidants, amino acids, Vitamin B and C. These raisin-like treats improve libido, immune system, liver function, and eyesight. Try goji berry wild rice salad or a freshly blended goji fruit smoothie.
leafy greens
Superfoods to the rescue 3
Vitamin C, folic acid, and carotenoids for days, foliagy wonders like broccoli, spinach, and kale ward off free radical damage and infuse your system with much-needed vitamin A and K. Incorporate these emerald classics into your daily diet and prepare to be wowed as everything from your immune system to your reproductive system, your bones to your blood flow and memory retention get the Extreme Home Makeover. Try baby scallops and kale, spinach risotto, chard and feta tart, or skillet gnocchi with winter greens.
wild salmon
Superfoods to the rescue 4
Omega-3 packed and glistening with the mineral selenium for siren-esque hair, nails, and skin, wild salmon offers little worry over mercury contaminants and eco-impact than its farmed-out counterparts. Let this delish of a fish splash its way into the cockles of your heart and lower your risk of an attack on your coeur in the process. Try honey-soy broiled salmon, salmon in lemon brodetto, summer salad with cumin-crusted salmon, and grilled salmon with hazelnut sauce.
Superfoods to the rescue 6
Forget artificial sweeteners altogether, this gift from the comb is a dripping host to healthy enzymes, not to mention antibacterial and therapeutic mind-calming properties. Settling gastro distress, blood sugar levels, and good-night restlessness, honey is the fountain of youth in the form of a golden, gooey pot. Try honey glazed carrots with saffron, banana and strawberry crisp, or honey mulled fruit brulée.
Superfoods to the rescue 7
A shocking pink vessel of fleshy awesomeness, a slice of watermelon is a fantastic summery fruit of toxin flushing capability and loyal combatant of a lady’s worst enemy – water retention. Try watermelon and red onion salad, watermelon salsa, or gingered watermelon sharbat.
Superfoods to the rescue 8
A crunchy, scrumptious palmful of nut-riciousness is guaranteed to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Easy to sprinkle, toss, and pop, good old omega-3 fatty acids keep your ticker glimmering in plaque-less perfection and cholesterol in check. Try walnut courgette, French walnut meringues, or walnut and arugula crostini.