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e very party needs a few fireworks – best not to leave it all to the champagne. The magnetic personalities and triple-threat talents of Montreal’s performance scenesters are sure to make every parcade dance floor feel like Studio 54. From aerial ballerinas to beat-driven DJ’s, “La Vie En Pink,” was proud to present a panoramic spectacle of undeniable visuals and groo
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Posted by Cayla Capri
f rom a magic trick ice-breaker to a carnivale-esque stilt-walker, reception entertainment that’s borderline wild-child shouldn’t be frowned upon so quickly. Whether it’s a little sleight of hand, a penchant for pyro, or a reincarnation of that infamous Footloose barn scene, fab fun activities for all spread warmth and good cheer before you can say pouf! cirque du oh yey!
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