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t rendsetters winked at yoga a while back, but the discipline has yet to go the way of the jazzercise. Blame it on the lack of hip-high leotards, or the perk of inner peace – yoga’s only gotten hotter. And every run-down bride should consider taking an “ohm” on the sweaty side before popping any sleeping, caffeine or diet pill; it’s the healthy route to total happiness. Though it’s normal to associate hot yoga with the boot camp that is Bikram, don’t let the perils of a light head stop you from joining a toasty little studio. Moksha is your accessible alternative, a branch catering to the novice
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i n the countdown to the happiest of happy hours, a bride wants to make sure she looks as glowy as she feels. When it comes to loving your beau deep into infinity, you’re going to need to vamp up your physiological state from the inside out. In an effort to fight the big bad C’s – think cancer, cholesterol, coronary disease – here come super foods to the rescue. These yummy knights in shining armor are basically antioxidizers, anti-inflammatories, metabolism regulators, fat burners, and toxin flushers all rolled into one, brimming with kryptonite-like powers to help keep you lean, mean, beautiful and strong.
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Posted by Cayla Capri
t hermal baths are all about the royal hydrotherapy treatment. Initially these douse-ful doozies were intended to take place where the water source was uber-potent in health-amplifying properties. Yet today’s thermal baths bubble all over over – think dazzling destination spas or exquisite found-poetry pools in Mother Nature’s garden – whether or not you opt for pre-nup pampering à la rocky mountain hot springs or soho swanky eau-de-oh-yes – thermal baths are bound to deliver molecular soothiness like no other. paging dr. water
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