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Posted by Cayla Capri
f ood fads may come and go, but a touch of confectionous class is for life. Hence, the delish magnificence that is the macaron. If the Greek word for ‘blessed’ is ‘makarios,’ then this is most definitely the niblet of the angels. The macaron of Paris is considered a delicacy - its batter composed of finely ground almonds, a snowy cascade of sugar, and feathery peaks of egg whites. Once the cream component has been cooked, the result is a dense, delectable dessert perfect for serving or scarfing on the sly. a sweet back in time
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a ll brides capping off the decade, wondering what’s hot to trot down the aisle for the 2010, need not look any further. Oh-nine standbys, like the vintage craze, hold fast at number one, reigning in updated newcomers, like the all-drama, no-cumber birdcage veil. Couture cupcakes, retro invites and monogrammed everything have yet to lose their mojo, so if signature drinks float your boat, don’t let them drift past your reception for playing passé. As for the new kids on the block, the trend amongst trends is all about personal details and local flavors, forcing even the most avid fad-follower to unleash her true lo
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