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a perfume’s intention is to strike the perfect chord. Composed of three notes, each is designed to reveal itself gradually - as one dissipates, another unfolds, creating a lingering and subtle sonata. So take your sweet time when choosing your signature scent. Let a sample fragrance divulge its true essence before you fork over any dough. The end result should make for a glam greeting and a memorable adieu. gourmet says it all
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s prinkling that naturally-glowing wedding-day skin with a lip-smacking scent is as satisfying as sticking that final piece into the puzzle. You already look like a knock-out, you feel like a princess and the only thing that could push your sheer glee over the edge is that I-could-just-eat-you-up smile your new hubby wears as he pulls away from the first kiss. Pheromones may be the culprit behind that first spark of romance you two felt way back when, so don’t discount the power of smell now- let perfume be the final bridal touch! a bit of background
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