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s ince graduation, you’ve gotten over pimples, bad hair days and bad boys, (sort of) so why should the prospect of public speaking still make your hands twitch and your speech stutter? You’ve come a long way - it’s time to rise above those nerves and to the occasion, and deliver a charismatic speech using your individual strengths as the backbone, and your love for the newlyweds as the heart. Now, chances are at some point or another you’ve been witness to both smart, funny, captivating speakers, and those who bomb- inducing some serious, audience-wide cringing. You’re aiming to land somewhere in th
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o ne size fits all is a pure unadulterated myth, which is why many modern duos are assuming the custom-made vow. But if a blank sheet of paper erases all your candy-coated memories, and getting tongue tied is a public speaking certainty, you may need a just a bit of help speaking from the heart. A step-by-step guide’s not a bad start. watch your mouth! Before getting all purple on that unsuspecting page, take a moment to contemplate language. Flowery pr
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