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Posted by Cayla Capri
Take A Walk On The Aisle Side
Take a walk on the aisle side cover full
The walk down the aisle is the show-stopper so don’t write off procession order as a minor detail. Alright, so it is a minor detail, but it’s the little things that make up and perfect the overall package. Besides, an arbitrary order can be interpreted any way your sensitive cousin or demanding sister feels would help fuel their plight. And there’s more to take into consideration than prospective drama. Procession order can or should be affected by these three factors: tradition, aesthetics and/or creativity. None of these are throw-away rationales for (only sort of) sweating the small stuff, so go with whichever one feels right to you.
the picture-perfect processional
Many brides opt for a style based on height because it makes for a highly photogenic procession line. This way, the flower girl and ring bearer will walk down the aisle first. Your bridesmaids will walk single-file from shortest to tallest; if they’re linking arms with escorts, pair them up with similarly summited groomsmen.
the timeline
Arrange your wedding party from the babes to the elders, starting with the flower girl and ring bearer and ending with parents and grandparents. Or, switch up the order and finish with the kiddies leading you in the procession. This is a great way to incorporate family and friends, young and old, into your march down the aisle.
the eclectic
Place numbers into a hat and let each candidate select one, thereby determining their placement in the processional. It’s a throwback to the days of drawing straws for kickball, so it’ll alleviate some of that fussy grownup tension.
creative alternatives
Have your father walk you halfway down the aisle, then have your fiancé escort you the rest of the way.
Instead of having your father give you away, have both parents walk you down the aisle. The groom can precede you, escorted by his own folks.
Have the flower girl can hand out flowers to guests as she walks down the aisle, as opposed to tossing petals.
Although you can arrange your bridal party based on length or significance of friendship, this could create unwanted hostility. Choose a processional style from above and let everyone know their roles are equally important. Your family and in-laws will also greatly appreciate being a part of the wedding, so consider including them too. It’s a modern idea based in traditional values, so everyone can get on board. Remember, this is your wedding –do whatever you like.