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Posted by Cayla Capri
Tasteful Party Favors
Edible favors cover full
Edible-delectable, fancy-shmancy favors – something for your tummy to savor, your eyes to dance over, and your memory to tuck away forever – noshable nuptial presents should teem with every personable touch possible. The easiest way to incorporate tastebud-esque take-aways is to mimic an aspect or theme of your reception. A Santa Fe hoe-down could be chockfull of cherry salsa while a Japanese garden ceremony may bloom elegant offerings of green and white mountain tea silk sachets. Think nothing too cute, nothing too sweet, and an unmistakeable stamp of confident coupledom a mmm…must.
Edible favors 1
Polly-Pocket sized rationed delights will be just enough to keep each guest satisfied and every budget adhered to. Two tiered mini cakes or iced-out, petal-dappled cupcakes leave everyone with their very own piece of the pie, whether they choose to spoon up or save some for later. Ribbons and cellophane abound when it comes to Martha-inspired packaging – doll up sinful truffles, iced coffee biscotti or creamy cannolis for boutique-ified finger fooding at its richest.
sweet factory
Edible favors 2
Jordan almonds in glossy metallics, mint Swiss embossed chocolate bars, old-timey button candy, and every-flavour-under-the-sun gourmet jellybean fun renders smiles upon the faces of young and old alike. The trick is to monogram here, there, and everywhere in order to distinguish the bliss fest from any old pit stop bulk-barn style – think customized candy hearts or initial-swirled lollipops.
bottles up
Edible favors 3
For a more subtler, summer patio vibe, pint-sized versions of your favorite bistro’s standbys are a uniquely slick option – pair an organic cold-pressed olive oil and with a rice wine vinegar or wine samplings from the same vine as the choice vintage served while supping. Personalized labels and stoppers are sure to evoke an onslaught of worthy ooo’s and aww’s. For something a little more spill-conscious, opt for monogrammed mixes of strawberry daiquiris, peach-pear iced-tea or hot white chocolate.
pantry perfection
Edible favors 4
Silk-spun saltwater taffy, luscious cinnamon sticks, root-beer float licorice bits and choco-chip muffin mélange take the ice-cold out of anonymous gifting and replace it with a picnic basket’s worth of love. If you happen to be wedding down in greener pastures, local jars of honey, maple syrup, and chutney make eye-catching jewel-like table markers.
out of the box
Edible favors 5
If you lack a passion for the old-fashioned, Chinese take-out boxes are all the rage, signed and sealed wherein lie haiku-quoting fortune cookies (in bed). For some assembled decorum, delicate mint tins of glinting sterling silver are a welcome sight, particularly after a main course of Chilean sea bass and lemongrass, while chocolate ganache covered coffee beans, trussed-up caramelized apples in bride and groom apparel, and vanilla mocha spoons bask in the afterglow of the evening’s starry-eyed feasting.