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Bachelorette Parties
Posted by Cayla Capri
The Bachelorette Contessa
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If the buttery essence of the perfect pie crust or the exact digits for chocolate-defrosting zap-time still remain at large, then perhaps a cooking lesson bachelorette is just what the goddesses of domesticity ordered. A trip to the chapel doesn’t automatically mean fifties-kitchen entrapment, but no doubt that a fine sleight of hand in the art of contemporary cuisine is certainly seductive in its own right. Gather up your head-turning entourage of closest lady friends, call on the whipped and dipped magic of a professional chef, and expect to wow your darling come hotel-cuisinette time with the wholesomely erotic art of a finely-prepared dish.
cellar stock up
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Transform your pantry bare to a treasure grove of edibles, delectables, and good old-fashioned essentials. Your necessary nibbles will depend on what you and sir chef have planned to concoct, but it never hurts to have such staples as chicken stock, canned or crushed tomatoes, olives, grape seed oil, oregano, tumeric, and thyme within easy reach.
Write out a budget in hopes of not swooning mid check-out aisle, but do overstock if you can, in case of flubs or willy-nilly spill incidents. Consider a themed evening - Parisian decadence, Tex-Mex Southwest, English countryside, or Ma ‘n’ Pa joint. Toss up a salad or toast a baguette ahead of time so that everyone can reap the rewards of their work with an all-around, real-deal, world-class meal.
bits and bites
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To keep any naughty gals out of the work-in-progress, have plenty of snacks or finger food on hand. Take care of this shopping task in advance in order to avoid any scatter-brained, to-and-fro scampering the day of (it’s still a party). Go frill and fancy (think macadamia nut blondies, polenta squares with smoked salmon, and itsy-bitsy Florentines), or keep it half-time casual (potato puffs, pork meatballs with pepper, and white cheddar popcorn). If you’re pressed for time, take-out is always an option while party trays of cheese and fruit combos can be just as quick and half the cost.
class in session
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This mouth-watering, girl-bonding session will click best in small numbers. This way no one gets antsy just hearing about the technique of meringue whisking, they actually get a shot of it under some hunky aficionado supervision (drool-worthy all on its own). An in-home cooking lesson is sure to open your eyes to all sorts of nifty examples of kitchen-kitsch – model menu ideas, accroutement splicing and dicing, as well easy-peasy garnishes, table presentation, and elegant wine pairings – nuggets for the road on the quest for ultimate deliciousness.
sumptuous structure
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Depending on the instructor, you’ll must likely get a chance to go grocery shopping together, definitely a change from the days of being dragged there as a teen by Mum. On your romp through meat ‘n’ produce, you and Cheftastic can get comfortable in each other’s company while getting up close and selective with the finer things.
After you assemble your girlies, prepare to witness some know-how gourmet wizardry. Together, you’ll all learn maneuver your way through the world of hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, entrees and desserts. If you and the girls would prefer to dash out later in the evening for drinks, a class around 3 hours in duration - where the secrets of only one dish are disclosed – may be the more savory option.