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Posted by Cayla Capri
The Destination Wedding
The destination wedding cover full
Just like you wouldn’t leave behind humor, irony or joie de vivre, entering a marriage sans sense of adventure is unthinkable – a recipe for regret. Exhibit just how game you guys are wedding somewhere you’re normally not. A good excuse to keep things intimate (no co-worker’s going to hop on a plane), and an approach loaded with stress/money saving perks, destination weddings are last season’s themed wedding, now with built-in honeymoon.
The destination wedding 1
Always ask for sweet deals, discounts for guests, and all-inclusive packages. Sometimes, if you meet a minimum guest requirement or book a honeymoon, you’ll get a free wedding out of the deal (seriously). Remember to request credit if a package is packing something undesirable. Finally, before the giddiness takes hold, inquire about additional bills for the oft forgotten - like cleanup, floral arrangements and local taxes.
The destination wedding 2
When planning a destination wedding, a good grasp of the Google is key. Do your research and discover what paperwork will be stipulated. You can count on travel documents and birth certificates to be on everyone’s list, but blood tests and chest x-rays might be called for as well. A brief residency might be required by the country you’re travelling to; and an at-home legal ceremony by the country you’re travelling from.
your planner
The destination wedding 3
Also known as your savior, a wedding planner will take charge of everything and negotiate all costs in a language you probably don’t understand. The best way to go about hiring one is to actually hire two. Find a trusted wedding planner on your side of the pond (who’s cup of tea is DWs) to work with the onsite administrator. You’re likely not to pay double – that is, if you’ve got a package, the planner will be included – and guaranteed no headaches. So, win, win.
the guests
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Certainly, your loved ones will be delighted to share in your big day/vacation but even still, you’re asking a lot. Return the favor by being as considerate as bridaly possible. Distribute save-the-dates at least eight months in advance to deter any scheduling conflicts. Negotiate hotel rooms and airline costs on their behalf, especially if you’re routing a biggish group. Request nogiftsplease, and hand out itineraries with activity suggestions and packing checklists. Finally, throw yourselves a welcome home party for those loveables unable to travel. This way, they too can share in a bit of the post-nuptial joy.
top 5 pluses
1. A very liberating release of duties.
2. No extra costs on ‘extra’ guests.
3. Package deals. ‘Nuff said.
4. A breezy wedding-to-honeymoon transition.
5. A better meeting point for scattered relatives, who’d be traveling anyway, right?
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