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Posted by Cayla Capri
The Mane Event
The mane event cover full
Crown yourself belle-of-the-ball with a bridal hairstyle that haloes your honed look-of-choice and the overall atmosphere of your ceremony. The hairstyle should compliment both your facial structure and dress design, as well as your loyal attendants. Ideally, your bridal hairstyle with draw attention to your most preferable features, and add a flourish of finesse to the overarching semblance.
swinging hair types
The mane event 1
After losing enough so-called wars with your adolescent self, you’ve epiphanied your way into accepting the hair type Mother Nature gave you. But with the help of a professional, you can finally cheat her once and for all. It’s all about proper styling and manipulation of the appropo tools and products. So pop a cork, flip through some style mags, and mosey on down to inspiration-town. Whether you opt for couture curls, magnifique waves, or silken tresses, the perfect coiffure most definitely awaits you.
be length-wise
The mane event 2
Make sure your hair length signs a peace treaty with your top style pick. You want to ensure that the two blend together to create one harmonious guise. Most up-dos require significantly long manes, but keep in mind hair extensions are available. Medium-length hair can really rock a vintage coup d’oeil, while short hair is always deemed delightfully pixie-like and picturesque. Try a bob with a side barrette or pin-curled bangs for retro chic. If you’re considering a dramatic face-lift for your tresses, schedule the appointment two to three weeks in advance. For a little pick-me-up trim, arrange the appointment one week in advance.
style lock-down
The mane event 3
There are three families of hairstyles available - down, half-up, the low up-do, or the high up-do - with a zillion variations on a theme to choose from for each.
hair worn down
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Be beach-bunny casual with loose, air-dried curls or finger-twisted waves. Emulate the Princess Bride by creating a cascade of curls with a medium or large barreled iron, and top it all off with a tiara of crystals.
hair half-up
The mane event 5
Channel the free spirit of a flower child with luscious waves and little adjoining braids. Add a sprinkle of dogwood blossoms for extra softness.
Like a fiery flamenco dancer, don a waterfall of diffused curls down your back with a relaxed bundle of pinned curls on top.
low up-do
The mane event 6
Sail across Swan Lake with a ballerina bun or classy chignon, nestled either at the nape of the neck or positioned off-center with a side swept fringe. Try an elegant French twist or a sleek pony tail with a section of hair wrapped around to mask the elastic.
high up-do
The mane event 7
Up-dos call on tight curls and rolls to achieve Hollywood-esque glam, while loose curls and rolls suggest wispy romanticism of the Edwardian age. Flaunt a blunt fringe bang for a total mod look (yeah, baby!) or sport a flirty, fun, curly topknot. Pin loose sections of styled curls to the top of your crown in an outstanding upsweep. For a ton of texture, use a backcombing or teasing technique. You can also try blow-drying upside down.
tips and tools of the trade
The mane event 8
Consider the style of your dress before finalizing a hairstyle. Strapless dresses work well with flowing hair worn down, while a ball gown is accentuated by hair swept off the face and piled high. For vintage dresses, finger waves make for a lovely throwback to by-gone days. If you normally wash your hair everyday, then do wash it the day of before styling. If you don’t wash your hair everyday, try to wash it the day before. This will help in achieving the right balance for your follicles - that squeaky-clean sheen mixed with extra style-holding staying power.
Soften a square jaw with loose, cheek-framing trendils, and avoid bee-hive styles for an elongated face. For yummy curls, use hot rollers, or for super-straight lengths, blow-dry with a round boar bristle brush. Use mousse or other volumizing products to achieve oomph, while a dehumectant or frizz smoothing serum will help fight fussy, drizzly weather. For edgy texture, dabble your fingers in pomade and work through. Carry a comb and purse-sized spritzer bottle for emergencies. However you choose to wear it, your hair should speak volumes about your own personal, dazzling style, not some random celebrity’s, so choose the look that speaks to you.