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Posted by Cayla Capri
The Nature Of Enviromance
The nature of enviromance cover full
As joyously sublime as weddings can be, this celebration can actually take quite a toll on the environment (as with any function) - and most definitely a demure high heel shoe can unintentionally leave a not-so-dainty carbon footprint. So why not show your planet a little luv and invite Mother Nature in for some TLC? Let your guests know the steps you’ve taken concerning this pro-health and good-karma kindness action to get the globally-conscientious wheels a’turnin’.
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If a tree falls in the forest – does an eco-conscious bride fall down herself with a bad case of the blues? For sure no earthen-aware girl wants to contribute to unnecessary waste – enter one way to cut back on such extremities – turn a blind eye to sending out crepe-y summonings. The important thing is that your loved ones just get to the chapel on time, so look into those invitations made from 100% cotton, utilize e-mail, or implicate 100% recyclable paper if you absolutely must.
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First thing’s first - going green with your bridal garb does not mean sporting a grass skirt, gunny sack, or a homage to the Paper Bag Princess. Eco-friendly options are airy-fairy, entirely flattering, and feather-light fabulous. Opt for such fabrics as organic cotton, hemp, or silk, incorporating vegetable dye as an all-natural, biodegradable color-infuser. You’ll catch yourself pondering over why you ever thought the synthetic stuff was the luxest in the closet.
When it comes to donning a second-hand gown, you don’t have to repeat any days-of-old, filled with angsty-teenage grumblings and thrift store rummaging. Try an upper-end consignment store or even broach the subject with Mum over altering her own dress. As your aura glitters with memories of love enduring, adding sheen to your visage can be done so in a caring manner too. On today’s market, there are bunches and bunches of makeup items that stay clear of potentially toxic chemicalmania – which can only be a good thing for your skin. Look for items that boast paraben and synthetic preservative-free labels.
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When it comes to creating an honorable atmosphere for your reception, you’re going to want to think outside of that herbicide-ridden, cardboard box. The flower industry has made millions of hearts smile and swoon for decades. The drawback here has to do with the origin of that seductive rose – workers from around the world get the short end of the stick when it comes to wages and non-unionization - not to mention, those innocent lilies cannot pipe up over their latest dousing in pesticides. So go for organically grown flowers – delivered from loving farms who continue to practice and respect biodiversity and quality labor conditions.
Soothing candlelight and luscious soy candles can help cut back on tons of emitted green house gasses. Table linens may be flaunting some sweet organic cotton while guests nourish both tummies and their intrinsic well-being by eating off of bamboo plates. Center pieces can be constructed from the magicification of recycled tin cans (clean and label-free), with just a bit of cotton ribbon and your go-organic-go blooms. Pebbles from around the garden can be softly scattered around its base for that finishing touch.
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Think free-range eggs in your baking, pesticide and fungicide-free leafy greens in your salad, and yummy meats vetoing genetic modification for your main course. If you’re siding with catering – then ask around for companies specializing in organic fare. Even your vintage can proudly say it’s derived from organically-grown grapes and cork-free bottles. Box up your guests’ favors in lovely little biodegradable packaging. And if you’re going all out statement-wise, wedding cakes can be designed out of cotton towel and fashioned to resemble a luscious fondant dessert.
got to give your love away
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Hybrid roadsters, biodiesel vans, and spunky little smart cars are sure to get you where and when you want, with hubby aptly in tow. Instead of wedding party and attendant gifts, think donations instead of traditional bubble bath - give a tree in honor of each of your loved ones and extend the lifespan of your dress, flowers, and left-over food reserves by sharing the wealth with retirement homes, food banks (non-perishables a yes), and shelters.