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Posted by Cayla Capri
The Wrap Up Brunch
The wrap up brunch cover full
A helping of pancakes is indeed the best kind of pat on the back for pulling off a grand wedding to-do. To help ease yourself down from Cloud Nine, consider hosting a ‘morning after brunch.’ Surrounded by family and friends, feast on gooey layers of three-cheese frittata as you hark back on the decadence of the past day. The brunch doesn’t have to be a mountainously lavish affair, but rather an intimate nosh fest where everyone can choose to either wind down or wake up. Despite its Easy-Bake simplicity and quilt-cosy feel, there are a few things to consider when it comes to prep time.
best of both worlds
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Brunch, a humble hybrid of breakfast and lunch, can accommodate all of your inventive whims. It can be a flowery divertissement, including everything from fine bone china to highballs of peach bellinis, or an earthenware affair pared down to honey baked ham and other comfort eats. Decide how far you’d like to push the ‘fancy’ envelope first, and then proceed to serve and dress accordingly.
You may want to enlist the help of a caterer - sample their fare and entertain the notion of a menu with a theme. You can also swing by your local deli for a helping of value. Whatever hotel the majority of your guests are crashing at makes for a prime location. Just remember to reserve a part of the dining room in advance. If the party raved on from dusk to dawn, then garner as much beauty rest as you can by scheduling the brunch for eleven. You’ll also want to keep in mind check-out times and coordinate accordingly before you chow down.
munch away
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Pair traditional brekkie treats and crispy luncheon delights with a few unexpected victuals. Aside from an assortment of fluffy muffins, bagels, scones, and pastries, try featuring capers and smoked salmon, potato gratin or asparagus brie quiche. Make sure to have a few heart-healthy items on hand such as yogurt parfaits, fruit and veggie trays, and egg-white omelettes. Serve sparkling grape juice, mimosas, mint julep, or champagne with berries to accompany a few more toasts for good measure. Divvy up the rest of the wedding cake and reminisce as you share another icing-glazed kiss.
no fuss, no muss
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In the end, a more casual touch will make for less headache. Ideally, your venue will be able to provide a buffet layout and a separate sit-down eating area. This way no one will rub elbows - minimizing spillage and maximizing chill-out time. If you opt for a theme, coordinate the menu and table settings with the honeymoon destination. Feel free to recycle your table centerpieces from the previous evening, recreating a love-potent atmosphere.
keeping up personal appearances
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At a morning after brunch, formalities are swept under the rug. As you stop to smell the coffee grinds, chat up the relatives that ran the rails just to partake in your big day. A crepe extravaganza provides you with the perfect opportunity to personally thank those close to you. Schmooze over video footage of the ceremony or capture that extra-special shot against a back drop of fresh linen, baby’s breath, and dazzling sunlight. Make sure one of the girls has cleared you for any French toast crumbs first!