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Posted by Cayla Capri
Ticket To Ride Limo Alternatives
Limo alternatives ticket to ride cover full
Trade in the traditional plush of a limo for a magic-carpet spectacle of top-notch alternative transport. Whether you want an extravagant entrance or a speedy little getaway, either can be achieved with a just a few drops of creative juices. First, consider the cartography of the nuptial locales. Will a mussed-up hairdo make you gently weep? Will a prancing pony leave you quaking in your glass boots? Never fear – the perfect admission for two lies just around the corner.
rat pack - classic and vintage cars
Limo alternatives ticket to ride 1
An antique car may not be the easiest piece of engineering to acquire, but there might be someone in your inner circle who collects. You’ll be sitting pretty against the chrome-finished beauty of a Ford Model A, a Dodge Coupe, or a 58 Chevrolet Corvette. Your hubby will go wild for such a hip set of hubcaps, while your good-sport attitude will definitely earn you some brownie points come honeymoon time. Classic or vintage hot wheels are the epitome of swanky cool – a throwback to eras of hot jazz and swell swing. They’re guaranteed to get you to the church on time looking like a million bucks.
party central - chartered bus, truck and flatbed
Limo alternatives ticket to ride 2
Let your guests kick up their heels and speak easy with the driver-designated merry-go-round of a chartered bus or van. This will ensure that everyone gets to and from every shakin’ hotspot safe and sound. A country gal at heart? Hire a truck with a flatbed decked out with the band of your choice for a foot-stompin,’ toe-tappin’ good time. There’s nothing like a mean guitar lick coming down the highway to kick energy levels into high gear!
daredevil - motorcycle, hot-air balloon
Limo alternatives ticket to ride 3
Nothing is more sizzling than cruising to the chapel on the back of a minibike, arms wrapped around the waist of your James Dean, veil trailing behind you against the windswept scenery. If you’re more of a demure duchess than a Steve McQueen, choose a chopper or balloon for the joyride of a lifetime – not to mention a cloud nine view.
fairytale - horseback, carriage, sleigh
Limo alternatives ticket to ride 4
For that extra touch of chivalry, think equestrian elegance. Allow these noble creatures to carry you and your darling into the I-Do heartland, exuding old-fashioned sensibilities and regal aura with every graceful pace. If your wedding is to be a wintery affair, bundle up with your sweetheart in a horse-drawn sleigh, conjuring up the feathery wonder of a shimmering snow-globe.
kitsch - taxi, trolley, tandem bicycle
Limo alternatives ticket to ride 5
What’s more off-the-cuff than hailing a cab and peeling away down 42nd street like a pair bells? For an eco-chic romp, hop on a trolley and let the world roll by. Like two peas in a pod, pedal your hearts out on a rented tandem bicycle – (a cocktail dress works best).