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Posted by Cayla Capri
To Suriname With Love
Suriname in the name of love cover full
Arguably one of the most multicultural countries on the planet, spectacular Suriname strikes gold with its unspoiled reserves of rainforest and world-class hospitality. Fall asleep to the song of the cicada in an eco-nature resort along the Amazon basin or dance the night away with a round of ‘tayuban’ or courtship dance. With such a diverse range of lush and vibrant terrain, Suriname is pure paradise for inquisitive globe-trotting lovebirds.
the romance
Suriname in the name of love 1
Raleighvallen Nature Reserve or Raleigh Falls is renowned for its fantastic display of fine feathered friends and monkey shenanigans, all co-existing together in one off-the-beaten-path microcosm of Eden. The rare Cock-of-the-Rock has been known to flaunt his wares around these parts while gastronomes can shack up in an old shipping warehouse turned restaurant for first-rate Italian fare and ice-cold bevies.
the scenery
Suriname in the name of love 2
Suriname is the epitome of the it’s-a-small-world-after-all mentality, considering the population is a vibrant mélange of Dutch, Indian, African, Chinese, and Javanese culture. Dine on zuurkool and sauerkraut one minute before noshing on mu shu pork the next. National Parks and Reserves pledge to preserve and protect while Paramaribo’s zesty casinos, night clubs, dance halls and cafes wet even the most insatiable whistle.
the attractions
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Peruse colonial-style architecture before stopping in at the central market. Suriname’s 18th-century Presidential Palace is an impressive palm-fanned piece of eye-candy, while nearby Palmentuin provides a home for a capricious troop of capuchin monkeys. Stoically historic, Fort Zeelandia is worthy of a gander before finishing the afternoon off at stately Independence Square.
the adventure
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Suriname’s granite giantess, Mount Kasikasima, watches over the Amerindian village of Palumeu from a jaw-dropping 2335 feet. Explore the region hard-core style via dugout canoe down the Tapanahoni River before attempting a soul-inspiring climb to the view-staggering summit. Once officially tuckered out, bed down in vine-cocooned lodge deep in the heart of the South American rainforest.
the secrets
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Strut your stuff at such dazzling dance clubs as Starzz and Zsa Zsa Zou if you’d like to shake rattle and roll with some of the locals. If you happen to be in town from mid-December to the first week of January, be sure to check out the fun and fabulous Surifestata. This end-of-year festival is bursting with one-of-a-kind street parties, flowers, and art markets, not to mention an endless supply of fireworks and unbeatably good times.
before you go
What to Expect
Short Rainy Season: November through January are hot and humid (22-32°C/72-90°F). Brief showers
along with heavy rainstorms are common.
Short Dry Season: Temperatures from February to April remain similar to those during the short rainy
season (22-30°C/72-86°F). Much less precipitation takes place though.
Long Rainy Season: May to July mark the second wet season of the year (23-31°C/73-88°F). An
abundance of precipitation occurs throughout this time of the year.
Long Dry Season: August through October are hot, dry and sunny (23-33°C/73-91°F).
Light, breathable clothes are recommended. Don’t forget to bring raingear too if traveling
during the rainy seasons.
The Suriname Dollar
The Lingo
Dutch, Sranan Tongo (a dialect of Creole), English, Spanish and Portuguese
A valid visa, valid passport and tickets and documents proving your arrangements for
return or onward travel
Local Delicacies
Hotch-potch: a “one-pot” meal that often includes potatoes, vegetables, fruits and a variety of different
Garlic Pork: small pieces of pork that are marinated in garlic, thyme and salt