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Posted by Cayla Capri
Top Ten Accessories
Ladies love to accessorize. The delirium of frills is all in the excess, with bandeaus and boleros and teal nail polish granting that more is more, and no less. With that in mind, take a good long ogle at our most wanted bridal druthers.
top ten trends
1. balloons
Balloons have pervaded engagement shoots so fully they’ve trickled over into wedding albums. Status-wise, they’re sort of the new bouquet. Carry them down a backyard aisle, strike Up-inspired poses, or tie them to backs of chairs, signposts and your MOH’s wrist.
2. suspenders
In the fight to save skinny chaps with droopy trousers, belts eventually won out. Yet, it’s this silly ornamental standing, combined with an influx of period pieces, that have rendered suspenders a completely contemporary fashion statement.
3. garters
Top ten accessories 3
They may be as alterna-accessory as chandelier earrings, but garters could not not be on this list. Complete with leather bows, rhinestones and primary coloring, the modern edition is as fun/naughty to shop for as the day it was powder-blue.
4. garlands
The renaissance of the princess dress instigated no parallel revival of the tiara. Depending on how authentic you like your regal, this may or may not be a pity. But for those who do a-line tulle with ballet flats, a crown of flowers is a pretty compromise.
5. eyelash jewelry
Top ten accessories 5
Not for the faint of heart or shaky of hands, eyelash jewelry (made of paper, lace, feathers or LED lights) is a bold assertion of your funkitude. The big-league batters are perhaps best reserved for your reception-party and/or second dress - the one made of lime green chiffon.
6. wired hair clip
Top ten accessories 6
Like the customized gown hangers of yore, metal hair clips bring charm and whimsy to the monogramming fad, boasting your signature in cute, chicken-scrawl cursive.
7. socks
Top ten accessories 7
Even girls who rock Santa socks year round might be averse to stuffing colorful woolies into heels. If you’re down with the trend, great. If not, pass it onto the guys with eye-catching patterns that match their ties, pocket squares and charisma.
8. glasses
Not just for hot librarians anymore, glasses have entered the ranks of bangles and platform shoes thanks to an inrush of frames both sleek and indyish. A big round of applause for the well-be speckled girls (Daria; Tina Fey) who gave rims the stylish coloring they deserve.
9. patterned tights
Top ten accessories 9
Patterned tights are the W-day answer to your everyday argyle, pompom-ed and rainbow toe socks. Especially pretty peaking from beneath knee-length, unembellished numbers, fun-tights show off your gams in a most unusual way.
10. gloves
When it comes to for-show accoutrements, gloves are the height of superfluous elegance. Wrist-length, knitted or lacey, they’re especially delicate and porcelain doll-like.