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Posted by Cayla Capri
Top Ten Anti Cakes
Traditional wedding cakes are not for everyone, despite being spun from vanilla clouds and birthday frosting. While spicier cakes are on the market, you may choose to nix the thing altogether and favour something on the humbler side of sweet. Because cupcake tiers have become the knee-jerk alternative, it’s absent on this list but should probably remain on yours.
the top ten:
ice cream
Top ten anti cakes 1
Assembly lines of praline-and-creams are lovely, but they’re more of a midnight snack than piece de resistance. That’s where the Ice Cream Truck comes in: you can hand out individual treats (in a paper hat) while maintaining the spectacle of a singular showpiece.
Top ten anti cakes 2
Just as cookies have matured into couture confections for nostalgic adults, donuts are coming into their own with flavours like cheesecake and amaretto. Not to mention they’re also being rolled in convoluted sugars like orange vanilla cinnamon. Needless to say, these aren’t your morning coffee’s donuts.
Top ten anti cakes 3
Its shape and suffix are reminiscent of more standard fare, but the cheesecake stands alone in texture and taste. It’s also very versatile, staking territory across the spectrum of sweetness - from adult and tart to cloying and Oreo.
crumbles and crisps
Crumbles and crisps make for wonderful autumnal desserts because they exploit the season’s most savoury bearings (apples, pear, peaches). On top of which the oats make them stick-to-your-ribs comforting. On top of top of which they’re always looking a little messy, which makes them look “made with love.” For the summer months, whip up a big bowl of crumble with balsamic strawberries.
goes with coffee
Top ten anti cakes 5
For a winter wedding, try denser desserts worthy of tea-time. Think ginger, banana-nut and lemon poppy-seed bread. Try caramel coffee cake, maple-pecan buns, blackberry scones or cinnamon muffins. Serve with artisanal coffees and tisane straight from the spice rack.
fudge factory
Top ten anti cakes 6
Station a fudge station, or “shoppe,” building a tower of East Coast inspired flavours like sea-salt caramel and vanilla taffy. Recruit a smiley, perhaps moustachioed pal to serve single pieces in wax paper with plastic tongs. Finally, punctuate the table with jars of rock candy and nautical lollies.
chocolate trifle
Top ten anti cakes 7
Too many trifles compromise individual layers (ladyfingers) for the overall effect. However, a true chocolate trifle doesn’t mess around with anything other than chocolate mousse, chocolate-cherry mousse, chocolate cookie, chocolate brownie and maybe a little whipped cream, if you’re feeling quirky.
Brunch is for lovers. Partly, this is because it is served at an ideal post-morning-coital hour. It is also filled with sweet everythings. Slice up a giant Belgian waffle with vanilla bean ice cream, cheesecake-stuffed French toast or a monumental stack of banana pancakes seeped in molasses. Don’t forget a basket of fruit to ease the faint of stomach.
The French tower of profiteroles is hardly a new alternative to the wedding cake. Rather, it is the retro version of the cupcake tier, having a longstanding history of standing in for the multi-layered dessert. If you want to go the extra decadence distance, stack chocolate covered or honey drenched cream puffs.
a little bit of everything
Top ten anti cakes 10
Five-tiered wedding cakes are pricey. If you and your man want to smoosh cake on each other on a budget, set up a grand dessert spread. Put out a cake for two, a pie, a torte, a tray of cookies and a plate of muffins. For extra pennies, make it a sugary pot-luck.