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Posted by Cayla Capri
Top Ten Bouquets
Top ten bouquets cover full
Feathers en bloom sparked a generation of flowerless bouquets, including wires, weeds, pinwheels, balloons and paper carnations. Of course, actual flowers have stepped up their game as to not be eclipsed. Sometimes they work in tandem with the artificial accoutrements; sometimes they are just so beautiful. A top ten list barely grazes the great field of posy-bilities, but it’s a start.
Top ten bouquets 1
Brooch bouquets are incredibly cool, incredibly luxe oddities of un-nature. To have one professionally made is a worth-it investment, but if your budget is impervious to growing jewelry gardens, fear not. Request all willing invitees to lend their ornate/costumey heirlooms and just build your own.
With their uncanny ability to turn any outfit kittenish, feathers have become ubiquitous amongst the nubile market, gracing our necklines, clutches and bouquets. Take note: insider faves include those of peacocks and guinea fowls.
For the most part, flowers feel just as peevish about winter as our hair, skin and serotonin levels. However, those tenacious blooms that do trounce snow are made of harder, often crimson stuff. And they complement long, white sleeves perfectly.
single bloom
Red lips prove that when you keep the conceit simple, everything will turn out O.K. No eye-shadow in makeup terms translates to no baby breath in the garden. Embrace minimalism with one flower in one color at one length.
Top ten bouquets 5
Bouquets held likes purses inspire cutesy poses – think one ankle behind the other and upper teeth in bottom lip. Bonus points if you can bribe your florist to all-over corsage an actual purse.
Top ten bouquets 6
Planters are the unique and sturdy alternative to ribbons and twine. Held like a little bouncing baby and adorned with lace, they’re suburban-chic.
paper butterflies
Because a bouquet of unicorns would be dangerous (all those horns) and a bouquet of rainbows just a trick of light, girlie gals will have to settle for bouquet of butterflies.
A wheat bouquet will probably galvanize some romantic back story in your overactive mind, like you’re eloping on the run and just scooped up whatever plant life happened to be at your bare feet.
homemade bouquet
Top ten bouquets 9
The bouquet to the left was gathered by a blossom novice, believe it or not. If you’re marrying outdoors, ask your MOH or fiancé to do the florist deed and walk the aisle with a thing of impromptu beauty.
Top ten bouquets 10
Unless you’re a frequenter of antique shops, you almost certainly do not associate door knobs with good looks. This would be a mistake, as their bodies are stem-like and their heads as baroque and florid as Mrs. Antoinette’s.