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Posted by Cayla Capri
Top Ten Destination Wedding Destinations
Top ten destination wedding destinations cover full
You’ve heard the rumors: DWs are real steals, easy on the nerves and clubby affairs for bosom-buddies only. If you’re going to deliberate over anything, it’ll be the where and not the how inciting great debate. Provence or Tahiti? Napa Valley or Fiji? A tough call and an even tougher job, no doubt.
With no further ado – and no implied hierarchy – here are the top ten destination wedding destinations, ever, of all time.
top ten destinations
1. maui, hawaii, u.s.a.
Top ten destination wedding destinations 1
When Carrie rejected a sudsy John Corbett’s request to get Maui’ed, (something about not making puns in the nude; an act apparently reserved for Manolos and boy briefs), women everywhere were peeved. Naked Aidan aside, Maui is as good as it gets planet earth wise. The weather is so excellent it actually ceases to be a topic of conversation. Much like you as perceived under an island time trance, it just is, and that is a beautiful thing.
Affairs of the heart will course with the ease of the lapping waves, and your new rolodex will fill with ‘napping on beaches,’ ‘getting massaged on beaches,’ and ‘drinking fruity drinks on beaches.’ As for the actual declaration of forever-love, sundry locales lie ahead. Everything from 60 acres of Tropical Plantation to the Upcountry Gardens, Haiku Waterfalls or Old Sugar Mill, to the volcanic crater of Haleakala. Sailboat weddings in the winter mean whales and probably rainbows. Magnifique.
2. nova scotia, canada
Top ten destination wedding destinations 2
The east coast nook sure can throw a summer wedding: Halifax-made music played to a 16 mm reel of wild roses, sandy toes and doll-house homes. It can’t be beat.
Spend a weekend canoeing through Tangier’s fog, in and around abandoned islands and clandestine coves. A perfect maritime setting for a romance novel, no? You, your betrothed and adoring crew won’t be sorry you went storybook with your wedding theme. Finally, spouses-to-be can tie the diamond hitch knot in the big city, fresh of face and fresh of air, or the ever-quaint Yarmouth. Search anything quainter, though and prepare to be faced with scanty choices.
3. rincon, puerto rico
Top ten destination wedding destinations 3
Those counter-cultured kids from ‘Frisco still buzzing from the Summer of Love made their way to Rincon in ’68 for the Surfing World Championships. A generation or two later, self-exiled Americans have melded like a dream into the sunset background of Puerto Rican living. The result: a melting pot of cultures, music and good vibes.
It’s not your average Caribbean wedding - possibly a Rincon ceremony’s most apt moniker, but a Caribbean wedding spiked with a little something (but you’re too hip to ask). You’ll surf, you’ll veg and you’ll party, all with an extra kick in your step.
Some resorts worth a stay: Rincon Ocean Villa, Dorado Beach Resort & Club and Hacienda Siesta Alegre.
4. bruges, belgium
Top ten destination wedding destinations 4
Bruges is in a word, sensational. Forever teasing your tongue buds are the wafting smells of the planet’s best ever chocolate, best ever fries (with mayo!) and darn good if not best ever beer. The city’s a veritable feast for the eyes too, serving up a sampler plate of architecture in Flemish, medieval and art nouveau dressings. Casual yet expensive like your most excellent pair of jeans, Bruges invites you to picnic by canals, wander art houses and marry amidst a kind of greenery foreign to most European cities. Though, if you choose not to walk the cobblestone aisle in an outlandish park/garden, cathedrals/chateaus promise an opulence of a different, if equally awesome/surreal nature.
5. zanzibar, tanzania
Top ten destination wedding destinations 5
Spicy as its exports (pepper, clove, cinnamon), Zanzibar is an exotic tableau of bazaars, coral reefs and whitewashed homes. A courtyard or square in Stone Town, a bewitching non-mirage, is exactly the place to put a ring on it. Keep in mind that the island breezes are way stronger than your strongest hold hairspray, so you’d better wear it loose and flowing.
The Zanzibar Serena Inn Wedding is particularly tantalizing plus catered to you, which is always favorable. Choose your own location, everything from a sunken tropical garden (with or without sea views is the new with or without sugar) to a terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean to the historic Old Fort where you can wed like the locals (with more music and color than you can handle), plus more (beach in a fishing village with BBQ).Mauritius and Seychelles nearby – for honeymooning – not that you can’t stick around Zanzibar – ultimate weddings transitions seamlessly into ultimate honeymoon.
6. florence, italy
Top ten destination wedding destinations 6
The number one reason Florence is your best wedding bet is the practically mandatory tour-of-Italy honeymoon. Venice, Rome and Pompeii are next on your docket.
It’s commonly accepted that Italy evinces the kind of beauty you just don’t ever get over. There’s an immediate nostalgia sired by euro-trips, coloring your travels in sepia tones before it even makes it to your retrospect. Memories of your wedding day on the other hand will be re-written a thousand times, only becoming clearer with each passing anniversary. The combination of the two time-warped phenoms is mind-blowing. You should go.
Beside the catwalks of Milan, the best place to enjoy sheer beauty is the Grand Hotel, an 18th century palace located on the River Arno, just below the hot hot Tuscan sun.
7. portsmouth, new hampshire, u.s.a
Top ten destination wedding destinations 7
New Hampshire, that mountainous gem, that New England Arcadia, is wedding-idyllic. Because it does genuine diner food/talk right, your post nuptial brunch will be a homey, heart melty cinch. It also has some coast to it, making your quaint B&B waft with the sweet, salty Atlantic breeze. A good deal of tourism equates to fantastic restaurants and shops, but on the other side of the coastal lifestyle, there are woodsy nooks galore for picnicking/frolicking. National parks, museums and historical buildings create that warm vibe (usually accompanied by an oversized boy-sweater, leggings and a bowl of clam chowder) New England is so famous for.
The Wentworth by the Sea in Portsmouth is a countrified, odic place to wed – think champagne and gardens. It is also very much ready for your guys, offering spa and golf packages, a horse-drawn carriage and white-glove service.
8. ireland
More pastoral peace and chowder anticipate your wedding weekend in Ireland. Though, the country’s rich history and lyrical literati bring further oomph to its hearty greenery. Chapels, gardens and the Waterford Castle are lovely options, but for something cozier, check out hidden-ireland.com. They’ve created a portfolio of private, lavish, historic homes to be rented and wed in.
Houses are available all over and are therefore diverse in their cute and curiousness. Some come with secluded beaches, others are Georgian and stocked with good reads and others still are furtively hidden amongst Ireland’s wooded parkland. Don’t forget to get your wedding party ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’ T’s.
9. new zealand
Top ten destination wedding destinations 9
New Zealand is a Lilliput with big personality, overcompensating plenty with unheard-of natural beauty, superb cuisine and a celebrated indigenous culture, the Maoris.
Home to turquoise inlets, beautiful beaches and a vast marine/wildlife, the country is bound to stir your inner outdoorsman. Magical hitching posts include a Maori village and wildlife reserve, and Arthurs Pass and Abel Tasman National Parks. These are not your grandma’s parks either; they are studded with caves and marble and limestone hills.
Alluring packages are also mouse-clicks away, like New Zealand’s Remote Wilderness Wedding or the Chest Peak Wedding. The latter brings you via helicopter to a mountain peak for the most intimate, panoramic ceremony possible. After an afternoon spent amidst a sea of cloud nines, head to Raglan. The surf town is famous for reeling in the big name bands, and a great place to rock the party (who likes to rock the party?)
10. bali, indonesia
Top ten destination wedding destinations 10
For further proof that good things come in small packages, see Bali, a toy island bursting at the seams. Coral reefs, rice fields, sweaty jungles and temples that stun will send your heart straight up into your throat. While any resort booked will provide a luxury fix, the Tandjung Sari Resort in the village of Sanur takes pride in its boutique cachet. A stay in one of Tandjung Sari’s oceanfront bungalows will indulge desires for worldliness. That being said, still be pampered to death at spas, shops and local markets.
It should be noted that Bali is super pricey, and therefore a better place to elope alone than to wed amongst uneasy friends.