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Posted by Cayla Capri
Top Ten Guest Book Ideas
It seems guest books have ditched the book part of the equation, favoring thematic, couple-centric writing units instead. Though, guest-signer-thingy hardly does justice to the creative oddities that are engraved wooden benches and felt-marked quilts. Therefore, in the name of simplicity, we will maintain the malapropos moniker when roll calling the top ten most novel guest books (that aren’t books).
top ten trends
1. typewriter
A very antique or Pink Ladies-pink typewriter is the perfect draw, attracting even the most oblivious guest to a signing table. Do it up nice with peacock feathered pens, cat eye glasses and a tiffany reading lamp. And once the wedding’s over, do frame your piece of parchment because well-wishes in blocky, smudgy letters is so cool.
2. wish tree
Top ten guest book ideas 2
A small wish tree of wiry branches is a lovely appropriation of a well-versed gesture. Supply tags, pens and string. Leave the tree naked or dress it to kill in crystal beads, paper flowers or tiny paper lanterns.
3. advice box
Pick up an office-inspired suggestion box plus cue cards, and demand friends and family deliver more than the usual bout of ‘I love yous.’ An advice box invites both wise two-cents and snarky jokes, making its post-wedding ransacking a teary-eyed giggle fest.
4. q&a
Top ten guest book ideas 4
Place honest questions to inspire quirky answers at each table like “What should we name our babies?” and “What should we do with our spare room?” If nothing else, it will bring unacquainted guests together in heart-healthy fits of laughter.
5. photo booth
Top ten guest book ideas 5
Because a picture’s worth a thousand words, and your beloveds making goofy faces in unison is worth about a billion “Best Wishes!,” rent an ever-popular photo booth. Provide a white or chalk board for pithy messages and facetious doodlings.
6. scrapbook
Top ten guest book ideas 6
Like the photo booth idea 2.0, a scrapbook combines the cohesion of a guest book with the spontaneity of instant photography. Just make sure that assemblage is a pinch, leaving sticky photo-corners and detailed instructions by the set-up.
7. sketchbook
Top ten guest book ideas 7
Encourage your guests’ inner artistes with watercolors, pastels or crayons (paints are too slow to dry). While your friends might be caught with filthy fingers, you will be left with an incredible mosaic of love-fueled art.
8. polaroids
Top ten guest book ideas 8
Unlike photo booths, Polaroids are never glitzy; so entrenched is their vintage feel. Hang a clothesline for guests to pin up the old-school pics. As the day turns to night, a veritable retrospective will already be in the works.
9. clothesline
Top ten guest book ideas 9
Modern life’s cutesy clothes pins are definitely the glue holding this idea together. Create paper cut-outs of outfits, hang a laundry line against a rustic backdrop and push guests to air some very clean laundry. When all is said and done, drape the memento above your registered-for hamper.
10. tackboards
Top ten guest book ideas 10
Tack boards with tags and pins only gets pretty when you add the lace and hearts. Then it becomes a gorgeous, if slightly unpolished Love Board. The same idea applies to velvets and other luxurious fabrics. Also, use embellished or feathered hair pins for extra pout.