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Posted by Cayla Capri
Top Ten Headpiece Shops
Top ten headpiece shops cover full
The perennial headpiece is a blessed thing. Beloved by those more artful in their accessorizing, headpieces remind us that flappers, princesses and girls who wear garlands are not so anachronistic. Maybe shop at a local joint with a custom bent, because it’s true-blue of you to nod to your city’s cool artists. Then again, with a world of dramatic headwear just waiting to crown you ‘bride’, it would be wrong to limit yourself. For the prettiest the great wide web has to offer, read on.
top ten shops
1. johanna johnson
Top ten headpiece shops 1
A designer of elegant gowns by day, Johanna Johnson has a ridiculous line of caps and scarves, jeweled and laced to art deco integrity. This particular piece, the “Cosmo” cap, is a wired web of Swarovski stones set in ivory tulle.
2. stephanie browne australia
Top ten headpiece shops 2
Pictured is an amalgam of headpieces and combs by Stephanie Browne (“Bon Bon” and “St. Tropez”) and the result is total hair opulence. One crystal-encrusted work at time, the effect is still glam if slightly less lavish. In either case, Swarovski rhinestones will put you under the spell of a Golden Age bombshell.
3. chapeaux de madeleine
Top ten headpiece shops 3
Many of us are unacquainted with the word ‘milliner,’ meaning ‘hat maker’. Artists like Madeleine France Cormier stand to change this vocabulary-lack, bringing custom chapeaus to the forefront of bridal fashion. The beaut to the left is definitely Kentucky Derby wedding material.
4. la krause
Top ten headpiece shops 4
Inspired by found-art aesthetics, La Krause creates custom headwear with vintage attitude, sometimes breathing modern life into what once was. The masterpiece pictured is admittedly a little “out-there” for a W-day; therefore check their site for the white and delicate stuff.
5. jennifer behr
Top ten headpiece shops 5
Modernity has its say at Jennifer Behr, a chain of workshops and boutiques located in the most major cities, like New York and Paris. Each headpiece is a handmade marriage of traditional materials and boss accents, like chiffon and metal studs or crystals and patent leather.
6. ban.do
Top ten headpiece shops 6
Ban.do makes headwear so cute you’d think they were made from rainbows and birthday cakes. Their ‘Black Label’ does rival the other collections’ intensity, though. It is so concentrated with glamour; it had to be modeled by Alison Sudol. Also, each piece comes with a haiku. Bonus.
7. poppies and posies
Top ten headpiece shops 7
Rustic but vibrant, P&P’s accessories are oversized and exuberant; a delicious foil to your high spirits. Floral boutiques that tackle hair things are so smart because when you weave live things into your hair, you’ll probably want a professional.
8. lo boheme
Top ten headpiece shops 8
The married couple behind the wearable headdresses (clearly infatuated with French Bohemianism and all that is old tymey and lovely) make Lo Boheme fashion at its sweetest. Choose from an ever romantic, ever iridescent selection of feathers, ribbons and jewels.
9. kirsten kuhen designs
Top ten headpiece shops 9
An Etsy rockstar, Kirsten Kuhen can gussy-up a barrette like nobody’s business. The comb pictured has been lovingly adorned with grey feathers, Swarovski crystals and glass beads, giving it swan-like majesty.
10. twigs and honey
Top ten headpiece shops 10
Twigs and Honey is a veritable haven for pastoral accoutrements. With a head of silk flowers, feathers and berries, all you will need to complete the doe look are two ultra wide eyes.