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Posted by Cayla Capri
Top Ten Off Color Dresses
You don’t need a riot of color to get cheeky on your wedding day. A subtle tint or pop of paint is enough to make any grrl weep. Designers are beginning to favour off-off-white hues like pink and grey, though color is still somewhat scarce in the realm of gowns. Best to shop for dresses either cocktail or tea, which remain fun, flirty, downright chic alternatives.
top ten colored dresses
Top ten off colour dresses 1
The trick to shopping nude is to take it (kind of) literally. Seek out dresses with undertones to match your own, be it pink, peach or cocoa. The only other option is to appear washed out. If this prospect still haunts you, and especially if you’re on the fairer side of princess, try bright, chunky jewellery or a bold clutch.
blush pink
Top ten off colour dresses 2
Blush pink is sweet like a cotton candy tutu. It’s okay to humour the girlishness to a certain extent, with gossamer textures, satin bows, light-reflecting accents and pixie makeup. However, you should remain decidedly adult with interesting necklines and chic hair.
Top ten off colour dresses 3
Traditional or not, Indian dresses are works of art, enswathing brides of all cultures (remember Rachel Getting Married?) in sumptuous fabrics with incredible detailing.
This gown from Christian Siriano’s Spring 2011 collection proves that even the subtlest shades pack oomph. An amalgam of the best of the lullaby hues - taupe and baby blue - the 3-D ballerina ruffles and metallic bodice scream splendour.
black accent
Top ten off colour dresses 5
A white dress with black accents is hardly new news, yet continues to disillusion even the most jaded of fashionistas. The example to the left is especially note-worthy, as it gracefully melds blushing with Black Swan.
baby blue
Top ten off colour dresses 6
Powder blue is probably too prom for a wedding, but fade it out and you’ll be looking sweet as a blue-bird. A floor-sweeping hem, plunging neck and waist-tied ribbon add elements of chic.
Top ten off colour dresses 7
Grey is universally flattering in a way that black only pretends to be (it can actually be a little harsh on some skin tones). It can be charcoal-dark and very sexy, rain cloud-soft and very pretty, or gunmetal and very 80’s. When the fabric’s right and the cut Grecian, grey is downright iridescent.
Top ten off colour dresses 8
Become adorable with metallic macramé, sewing reams and reams of twinkling sequins and what can only be described as fairy dust onto a baby blue tea-dress.
“Understated Rainbow Dress” sounds like an oxymoron, but the photograph assures you that the exquisite and notorious creature is no mythical being.
Top ten off colour dresses 10
Just when you thought 50’s style dresses (complete with petticoat and an open back, mind you) had reached their cuteness peak, this one goes and gets itself infested with a bazillion beautiful butterflies.